Friday, September 21, 2007

Mitch's class

I had a fun phone call today from Mitch. I was confused at first, but then he quickly explained. He had arranged a special lunch for the students in his class whose conduct cards merited a reward: they got to eat outside with him. Somehow this special "picnic" was made fun by calling Minnesota via Mitch's cell phone. They all said "hi" to me, and I talked with my best northern accent. =)

Too bad he didn't know someone more funny to call! LOL. It sounded like he was having a good lunch with them. I can tell that he is trying to come up with his own incentives that are at levels that will be reachable for all students. A discipline system that is based solely on positive reinforcement will not deter all bad behavior, but it may spark a desire to learn in a higher percentage of his students. I just had to post this nugget, so that it doesn't sound like there is nothing good about his job. He did sound happy.

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