Sunday, September 02, 2007

The title-less blog entry

I have written blog entries (in my mind) all week. All of them had great titles. Obviously, time seems to escape me lately.

Let's see. On Monday I was going to write an entry titled "Oh What a Night!" Malachi had slept over 7 hours straight. On Friday I was going to write an entry titled "Relief at Last." My sister in law, Holly, had taken the kids to the zoo for the day (all 5 of the older ones). Later on Friday I was thinking of another one titled "One week down." But that one didn't really make was celebrating Mitch "surviving" his first week of school (and what an interesting week it was). Of course, yesterday I thought I should write one titled "3 weeks down." I guess I could still title this one that, but it's too boring.

There were lots more, but they have slipped from my extremely short-term memory and into oblivion. Along with the grocery items I really should put on a list, but of course the list has disappeared as well. Bummer, because the entries were all "short" ones (in my mind anyways). Oh well. You get a long one instead. I am doomed to endlessly long blog entries I guess!

The point is I feel *quite* rejuvenated and ready to make a sprint at a full week of homeschooling. The kids are begging for one more day off, but I keep insisting that we should plow ahead. We will need days off to pack, drive, and unpack at some point in the future.

How soon I hope that is!

So yes, we will be schooling on Labor Day while the rest of the world buzzes around us enjoying holiday cookouts and store clearance sales. Oh how I would love to escape to Joann Fabrics tomorrow! Maybe I will.

In my bliss this weekend, I managed to get the house cleaned and ready for an open house on Saturday. Late Friday night Holly called and they had decided to keep the kids overnight if that was ok with me. (Ha!!) They kept them unil 5 pm on Saturday. I actually did a bit of sewing and stocked my store at I got some mending done, and paid bills in peace. Well, except Malachi put in his opinion every now and then (yeah, buddy, paying bills makes me cry too).

Josh's birthday was on Friday. He is an adorable 2-year-old. He has the tantrums that go along with, but for the most part he is cute as a button. He is nearing potty training time, but I'm extremely reluctant to "go there." He did wake up on Friday morning completely dry, and when I took off his diaper, he just peed on my kitchen floor. Hey buddy, come on! We got him the perfect gift for his birthday: 2 helium-filled mylar balloons, one of them with spidey-man on it. =) He even went to bed without a fuss when I let him bring the balloons in his room.

Malachi is doing fantastic. He is sleeping for very long stretches at night. Almost always for 5-7 hours. He is round and fat and yummy. He loves to be on his tummy and holds his head up really high. (He sleeps on his back at night though, for the record) He can roll over from his tummy onto his back, and does so purposefully. He missed the kids while they were gone and giggled with glee when he heard their voices coming in the door on Saturday! He will sit contentedly and play as long as he has someone around that he can see. He's definitely used to the action around here!

Mitch's first week was interesting. I cried as he told me about his first day. He took money away from a kid who was gambling and later had the same kid empty his pockets because he was stealing classroom stuff. There were lots of things that went on that made it tough. Mitch's style of classroom management is definitely different than these guys are used to. To put it bluntly, Mitch does not yell. They took this to mean that he is a pushover and they tried to see how far they had to go to push him to it. He said he stayed on them until they settled down. Friday was a good day. Finally. The kids come in dragging their feet and the weight of the world on their shoulders. It's not just one kid, but it's half of the class. Mitch is feeling very hopeful that he will make a difference there. He is excited about the challenge and the possibilities. He has found a church and has been there twice. He has enjoyed both Sunday school and the sermons. I was encouraged today to see an email from the pastor saying that he's praying for us!

In fact, I know that lots of people all over the country are praying for us, and it is a great encouragement and strength to me.

We dropped the asking price on our home. We had some good reasons for doing so, but it was still a hard decision to make. I hope this makes the difference we need. I need this to be over soon. My emotions are all over the place. In spite of getting enough sleep at night (which I really do), my body aches all over, especially in my back. I know that it is mostly due to tense muscles from stress. It is so bad in my neck that my vocal cords are obviously affected. I joke with everyone, "My voice left with Mitch." It's true though. If Zeke weren't in speech therapy for the same thing, I wouldn't know otherwise. I have had a "raspy" voice since the day that Mitch left. I cannot speak loudly or for long periods of time. On school days when I'm talking to the kids a lot, my voice is really bad by the end of the day. I have no adequate vocal range, and I cannot sing (I could not even sing "Happy Birthday" to Josh). I had to see the chiropractor and get my neck adjusted because the tense muscles finally pulled me out of alignment (and oh what a crack that was!). Anyways, most of my "forgotten" blog entries are those that I would write about my various stages of emotional unrest. So I'll save you the sob story and sum it up: this sucks! :)

God is my strength. I could not do this without Him. I hope that I will be able to sing praises again soon, because all praises and honor belong to Him!

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