Monday, September 03, 2007

Update. Joann Fabrics + 6 kids = bad idea. I only picked up one bolt of fabric and two patterns. I had to put the bolt of fabric back (sob) and escape with the patterns while the gettin' was good. Zeke literally ran laps around every isle of fabric, even though I threatened to hold onto him by the hair on his head (it's pretty easy to get a grip on those cute blonde curls). Josh was not far behind him. On the way out the door, Josh was upset that I couldn't carry him (I had the carseat), and he ran straight out into the parking lot without caution. Micah was dragging along sulking that I would not let him buy candy. Arrrrgggghhhh. Eden struggled to pick up a screaming Josh and carry him to the van. Caleb was quietly plodding along, oblivious to his siblings' troubles, probably thinking up his next imaginary game. On the way home we stopped at the playground at a nearby elementary school and let them all run off their troubles there. We got home in time to eat the rest of the leftover birthday cake and get to bed on time. All the way home Micah was bugging me about why won't I take them shopping with me. Seriously? Like I would want to repeat that only at 3 other stores and for longer period of time! Sheesh. By the way, it is hard but they do go to bed after eating chocolate cake!

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  1. I have to say, your word choice and imagery is getting better the more you blog :P I can soooo relate!! lol

    Let me know when is the best time to head over and help... Wed. night is choir, and Cherub Open House is Thur. but other then that I don't have anything scheduled.

    Love ya!