Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Who Did It?

Alright. Someone with 8 kids looked at my house on Monday. So which one of my cyber friends came to visit? =) There aren't many people out there with 8 kids. They said our house was too small. Go figure! Well, I agree--if I had the money and 8 kids or more, I would certainly rather have a bigger kitchen and dining room. That's the biggest drawback to our house. It's perfect for a family with 4 or 5 kids. Or some teenagers.

By the way, here's the latest pic of "the Spitter." I think he looks the most like Zeke. Nice and round and fat. :) Today he was doing a lot of standing on my lap. His fat little thighs have dimples in them. :) He loves to chew on his fingers and subsequently on his blanket. He doesn't really suck on his thumb, but he does get it into his mouth. Hmmmm....

Mitch needs prayer for his class. This is not an academic issue or even a behavior issue. More of a "reason for" the behaviors. He uncovered some baaaaad stuff today. I'm sick to my stomach, and his head is reeling. Talk about despair. If he could come home tonight, I know he would be hugging Micah tight.
I finished the Craig Barnes book. I'd probably share some insights, but I just popped in a LOTR dvd. I decided that I need to "escape" for a while. Gonna go listen to the wisdom of the hobbits. :)

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