Monday, October 15, 2007

Mitch is coming home!

Mitch put in his resignation and it was accepted by the district. His last day is the 26th. Sal and Steph G have offered him a job driving a FedEx truck, and he has accepted.

deep breath...

But the battle is not over. I am thrilled and relieved beyond measure to have him heading home. In fact, every inch of my house reflects this (translation: it's a mess). Yet in my desire to have everything in perfect, reliable, predictable order, I am biting my fingernails and praying everything will fall into place. (God, can I really trust You?). Mitch is in the midst of a struggle too. He admits to feeling defeated and like a failure for "giving up." He most certainly is not, but knowing that doesn't take the immediate feeling away. He also feels like he is betraying his students. (Yes, in spite of everything, he loves them. Isn't that something?). So on one hand I am rejoicing, and on the other we are mellow.

The reaction from the kids has been funny. Micah was in the midst of being disciplined, and he decided that dad was a "big ole meanie" and didn't want him to come home. Yet for all that fussing he did, on Sunday he dressed up in his suit and slicked his hair down with some gel. Kristin overheard him say that he dressed up so people would notice and talk to him and then he could tell him that his daddy was coming home. LOL Caleb had a "serious" conversation with Mitch. He was very calm, as if talking to a close friend. He said matter of factly, "Dad I don't want you to quit your job and come home. [pause] I want you to stay at that job so you can make more money. [pause] I want to move to Texas so I can be a cowboy." LOL again! Poor Mitch was so deflated at this one. I said, now Mitch, let's think about this from Caleb's point of view. This whole 'Texas' thing began months ago. It began with talking to the kids about it, and they said, "We don't want to move to Texas," and "Why do we have to move to Texas?" And our answer was so dad can make more money, etc. He had finally accepted this reality and here we go changing it on him all over again. He just needs to know what's up. He too was soon shouting it from the rooftops that daddy is coming home. Zeke understands that daddy is coming home, but that is no more clear than we are moving to Texas. In fact, I don't know how long it will be before he really understands that we won't be moving. Neither he nor Josh have any real concept of time yet, so I guess it will be pretty much when Mitch walks in the door that they realize what we mean.

Anyways, instead of talking about what's supposed to happen, I guess I'll just have to post as it does happen. Mitch talked with Sal today and I guess he'll be doing paperwork on Monday the 29th, here in St. Cloud. They had talked about Mitch trying to get it done while still in Houston. Instead it turned out to be much more complicated than that. Mitch is lamenting that he now owns a few more things than he did when he left for Texas. When he left here, his car was crammed full, so how does he expect to get it all back? We'll see.

Tonight I had the joy and privilege of leaving ALL SIX of my children in the care of our friends the Mickelsens. They actually got Malachi (after much persuasion) to take a bottle. I was completely in another world under the teaching of retired SCSU professor Russ Arndts. I love tickling the deep recesses of my brain every now and then just to make sure I can still think! =) I'm sure God will have a place in heaven for all that part of me too. Hehe.

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