Thursday, October 11, 2007

No Big News

That's good, right? =S

Mitch spoke with his administrator today and seemed encouraged. According to her, he may resign from his contract with as little as a two-week notice. Now, that said, I am not sure I trust that there are no other implications...but it all seems really good. She offered him a week off to come home, or even a longer leave (1 month or more). She said she would hire him again if he changed his mind and wanted to come back.

Micah is having some pretty wild emotions right now. I'm not sure what I should do with him. One minute he hates me and the next he is friendly again. He knows all the "right" answers, but certainly doesn't display them in action. He bullies his younger siblings, even hitting them when they don't "obey." He hits in retaliation or in anger as well. Before you get all really bent out of shape, though, these are not usually very forceful blows (unless by accident)'s how they could easily grow that worries me. I think he is still too young (10 years) to be hitting puberty kind of attitudes. Also, I know he gets depressed about things. I am hoping that Mitch's return will be a remedy.  When he is out of our house, he displays excellent manners (for the most part) and self control. When he is home, he tends to let down his guard more and act like a weird animal. (And you wonder why you have dreams about giving birth to animals during pregnancy!!!) Maybe it's all just normal pre-teen stuff. I guess I've never really been here before, especially since I'm a GIRL. Come on, God, why did you give me all these boys??? =)

I will post more details when I feel comfortable doing so. I am quite a bit gun-shy with the way plans keep changing. (Especially since I don't have a crystal ball, lol).


  1. I suspect that Micah is missing his dad. My eldest is 8 and whenever a change occurs, he displays behavior like you have mentioned. As much as we moms are able give to our kids, God made a husband and wife team for a reason. Our boys need their dads in their lives, and no matter how short the time away, the impact of that loss is there. In regard to your mention of counseling, I'm like you and would have the concern that it would create more issues. There are just, IMO, too many misdiagnoses of ADHD out there, so I have a fear of these professionals. I'm not sure if you have ever read Bringing Up Boys, but if you haven't it's a good read. I'll be praying for you all. I'm sure that Mitch's being away has been very hard.

  2. Thanks Jami! I do have the book Bringing Up Boys. In fact, I think I even have two copies of it. I haven't read it because it's been in storage. We will have to do some major unpacking when Mitch comes home!