Saturday, October 27, 2007

On the Road Again!

Where has the week gone? At times it has crept so slowly, yet I have been so busy that I couldn't possibly get enough done (much less blogging).

Mitch did not tell his class that he was leaving until Thursday afternoon. He was met with mixed reactions, the worst of which came from his two hardest students. One simply put his head onto his desk and sobbed. :( One of the two didn't even come to school on Friday. :( :( The students said things like: "Now we will get a mean teacher!" or "I finally had a good teacher." or "You are the 3rd teacher to leave me in the middle of the school year." The hardest for him was the blank stare he received from his "favorite" student (yeah, I know you're not supposed to have favorites). The hardest for me was the fact that he never took a single picture of any of them. Arrrggghhh! In fact, he didn't take any pictures while he was down there!

He had to pay over $250 to ship some stuff home because it won't all fit in his car. I hope it's worth it. =P He is so packed in tight that he cannot even lay his seat back. I called him right at midnight to check in and he was stopping at a rest stop. He had no idea if he could get in a nap, though! He has a lot of miles to go, but he is already north of Dallas. He should be home by tomorrow night. I can't wait to watch the kids' reactions. I just can't wait period!

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