Monday, October 08, 2007

Sorry I have not posted in a few days. There is just not much to say, and then there is too much to say. We have been doing a LOT of talking and praying. I am pretty sure Mitch is going to quit his job and come home. He should be finding out this week about the possibility of a new job we'll see. The kids don't know anything yet.

I had a good weekend. The kids were, by a small surprise, all metered out to various places on Friday night. =) But I didn't enjoy a relaxing evening alone. Instead Kristin came over and we nearly killed ourselves staying up until 4 a.m. Would someone please remind me that I'm not 17??? I want to plan this next time and have a couple of our other friends over and just have a big 'ole slumber party. I'm thinking...November, anyone?

I got to go to Joann Fabrics without all the kids! I have not been back since the last disastrous attempt when Zeke was doing laps around the aisles and Caleb was asking the clerk if she was married yet (because she was getting kinda old...he said). It was much easier to shop, let me tell you. And our favorite clerk asked where her little married buddy was. ;-)

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  1. Hey! November sounds great to me! We can make it a birthday party!!! :P

    And I hope that even though we nearly killed ourselves, that you still enjoyed your evening. I know I did! As much as I LOVE to sleep, I wouldn't trade Friday night for anything.

    Love ya!