Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Throwing away my crystal ball...

Well, if I had one I would ditch it. I am giving up on trying to predict the future. (At least until I forget again).

For example, a friend stopped by today and took all my kids on a walk to the park. It looked like rain, but she was ok with that and they went. She asked if I wanted her to take Malachi along. I declined. She asked if he would take a nap for me. "No" I said, "He just woke up from a really long nap." Yeah...I swept the floor, got the diapers out of the drier, and he had managed to fall asleep on the floor. No fussing. Just a peaceful drift off to sleep. Hahaha. Make a monkey out of your mom!

But with this whole life change/move to Texas/selling the house thing, I am totally done trying to guess where the road ahead is going. People ask me questions all the time that I am perfectly incapable and unqualified to answer, yet I try. For example, "So, do you think Mitch will come back?" Or "What are you going to do?" Or "How long do you think it will take?" Or "Will he get a different job?"

Let it be official: I don't know.

I thought for sure we'd be in Texas by now one way or another. Will he come home? I have no idea, but depending on the day or the time of day, sometimes the answer is "yes" and sometimes it is "no definitely not." The point is, I try to make judgements about the future based on our emotional experiences, and it's not going well. Let's hope that the decisions that we do make are not based on emotional responses, but are made according to what we feel God is saying to us. Pray that they are!

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  1. I prayed just that thing for you last night and again this morning. Yes, it's again -- not agen. LOL

    God is good! ALL the time!!