Sunday, November 11, 2007

Lookie what I got!!

The Truck

Well, first off, here's a cool story about our new vehicle. Mitch's step-mom Marilyn spied a 12-passenger van at a small car lot almost in the middle of nowhere. She stopped in to inquire, and they had several 8-passenger vehicles. So that night she came over to watch our kids and sent Mitch and I and his dad out to check it out. We get out of the car, and the first vehicle that caught my eye was a Suburban (Mitch had previously said 'no' to this model of vehicle). This particular one was familiar to me--it has a Bush/Cheney sticker on one side of the rear and a "24" on the other. My kids have ridden to and from school many times in that vehicle, thanks to generous neighbors who live nearby and helped us out. :) I began to feel excited. Somehow the lot salesman managed to squeeze out of us our price range ($5,000 max) before we could squeeze the asking price out of him ($5,500). I couldn't help but mutter a barely audible "of course." We climbed in for a test drive as I quickly phoned home to get the home phone number from our friends. I put Mitch on the phone, and we soon discovered that they still owned the vehicle (we guessed it was a trade-in). They were good friends with the dealers and they were just selling it for them. He told us, "Take it home for a few days, drive it around and see what you think!" He also informed us that someone had talked him down to $4500, then never got back to him...but we could even pay him whatever the insurance co was giving us for our van ($3500). We talked and agreed to the $4500. The KBB value is $6600... The kids like it. It is kind of tricky to get in and out, but they are getting the hang of it. I have decided that it's not a van or a car, and 'suburban' is too many syllables, so it is "the truck." We can all fit into it (for now, hehe). I think the Bush/Cheney sticker adds to the value, but someone told me the 24 negates that. :) Hmmm....(Tara ought to laugh over that one)...sorry, I couldn't resist! The deal isn't totally finalized yet, but we are planning to meet on Tuesday to make it official.

We were out joy riding last night, just me and the kids, and I met a friend in Sam's club. She was carrying her baby in a carrier, and I commented that I need one of those for my fat baby who wants to be carried constantly lately. I like her. She uses cloth diapers too. She makes these carriers, which are a modified version of the mei tei carriers, and sells them online. We chatted for a bit, then I went on. Before I knew it, she came running up behind me--she had taken her carrier off and was rolling it up. She handed it to me and said, "Take this one and use it for a while and see what you think!" Wow, that is confidence in your product! I did not know how to put it on, and the baby was sleeping. So I asked her to show me how using Josh (he's pretty little anyways). Josh loved it, and so did I. It felt awesome, with no pulling or straining on my back, shoulders, or neck. It is so much different than the carriers that you buy in the store. But that's not the end of the story. I came home and checked out Jill's website,, which she recently redid. If you go, take time to read the "about us" page and see how she is having these carriers made. Just this morning I was reading a story in the Crown College (where Mitch graduated from) magazine about a ministry that teaches women in other countries to sew to make money for their families. This ministry/work is saving them from a life of slavery. It is not a sweat shop. This is so cool and now my mind is racing--what if we could get in on something like this!?! is me with Malachi in the carrier:


  1. Huh... you'll have to show me that particular way of securing the carrier. It's different from how I do it, but I can't exactly figure it out looking at the picture.

    I'm so excited for you about the "truck". :) I really need to get on my blog too! But everything I think of blogging requires pictures... and my pictures are still stuck on my crashed harddrive. AND I have to get Parallels for my new iMac before I can install my CM Memory Manager.

    Well, now that it's beginning to look like I'm blogging on your blog (LOL) I'll just say YEA!!! for you.

    Love ya!

  2. So, you think you're funny huh?

    This is Tara.

    As a matter of fact, having the number 24 on ANYTHING will greatly increase its value.