Friday, November 30, 2007

More Pictures

I had a wonderful birthday! Holly & Matt came to babysit, and Mitch took me to Mexican Village. They give you a free meal on your birthday there. I was soooo hungry and soooo excited to be going out to eat (my first time out to eat with Mitch since early August), that I was actually salivating as I read the menu! LOL Isn't it nice for a meal to be so exciting? I think sometimes we are too spoiled here in America. It was worth waiting for. Both of us ate way more than we should have, and there was NOTHING left over. =)

I finally have some pictures of Micah and Josh, as promised. Took them this morning! I just don't know what we are going to do with Josh. The kid has the hand of God on him, that's for sure. On Sunday we left for church, got about a mile away, and Micah pointed out that Josh wasn't buckled in his car seat. On Wednesday Mitch took the kids to the pool at the Y (except Malachi, who was with me). He got in the pool room, turned to set the towels down on the bench, and by the time he turned back around Josh had already jumped in. This is not strange--normally Josh has on a life jacket, and can jump in the water just fine. He goes completely under with no problems and the jacket bobs him back up. He is not afraid of the water and loves going under. Only this time he didn't have his vest on! Mitch immediately reached in (the lifeguard on duty must not have noticed, as she didn't move) and pulled Josh back out. It is so funny to hear Mitch describe how Josh looked...thankfully no rescue breathing necessary (especially since it had only been 5 days since Mitch had practiced the Heimlich). Then last night while we were gone, Josh decided to take the baby gate out and ski down the stairs with it--he was leaning against the gate (we took our permanently installed one down when we were selling the house) and it gave way. Oh man! I will talk with Mitch about getting the permanent one back up this weekend. Yeah, now we've got our hands really full!!

No worse for the wear, in spite of nearly choking, drowning, and breaking his neck.

For the record, it is 68 degrees in my house. WHY IN THE WORLD Micah think he needs to wear his winter jacket to the table is beyond me!


  1. I had not been to the site for awhile so had ALOT of catching up to do. The one thing you forgot to do is post a picture of Mitch especially with his hair being longer like you had said it was.

    I am glad God has sent him back here to Minnesota. Even though I don't call or see you to often, just the idea to not be able to see you when I wanted to was to hard for me to deal with. I don't do goodbye's so instead I pull away. I know its an aweful thing for me to do but I always have been like that.

    I hope next week is not to overwhelming for Mitch with FedEx. It will be very tough and long days. Only a few weeks and then it will get back to a more normal schedule.

  2. I just got around to reading the blogs you've done recently. Since I already knew most of the news I figured it wasn't too big a priority. lol

    But, it's fun to read, and I love seeing the pictures... especially the one of Zeke and Caleb with Lady. I didn't get a chance to see them in person on Sunday.

    Thanks for the chance to scrapbook last night! I had a lot of fun despite my yearning for fabric... LOL

    Love ya!

  3. I forgot to tell you... check out my profile! You'll love my answer to the random question. :P