Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Card from Us!

Yet again we are too "lazy" to mail out Christmas cards...

Saturday, December 22, 2007

A pukey sort of week...

We had a good week, overall. By the title you can probably guess there's a big BUT coming. It was a good week, but we did have to deal with illness bearing down on the family. Our week got off to a good start with a visit from my sister. I only wish she could have visited for longer! It felt like we had just said hello and it was already time to hug goodbye. :( Ah, I'll take what I can get. Mitch and I didn't really celebrate our 4,000 day of marriage, but we did mark it off--I on the blog and with a picture, and Mitch by writing me a very special letter. I bought a ham, and Carrie did a wonderful job of cooking it for us, so we had a feast that night too. After Carrie left, time sort of began to close in on me and I realized that Christmas was only a week away! There are too many things to do. It's a perfect recipe for getting sick, wouldn't you say? We were visited by the vomit/diarrhea virus this week. I should say "are being visited" for I'm sure it hasn't passed through everyone yet. It is a slow-moving virus. It may have started last week (oh how I hope it did) and already moved through me and Josh. Time will tell. Malachi was the first to get noticeably sick this week. He began throwing up in the early afternoon on Wednesday. By Wed night, he had thrown up some 10 times and was refusing to nurse. He had ceased having wet diapers, so I began to be worried and off to the E.R. we went. There I fed him 3 oz of pumped milk, which he promptly refunded within 5 min. You know that in the E.R. if your condition is not serious, they only come to visit once every hour. So after many hours of waiting we used Malachi as a pin cushion--3 pokes in one arm produced a vein that gave blood and then blew out when she tried to flush it. 3 pokes in the other arm and a lot of digging around produced nothing. Finally a charge nurse, another nurse, and a pediatric nurse got a good vein in his foot on the first try. (Note the frustration in my voice--sympathetic for the nurses who were honestly trying to do their best yet frustrated for my sick little boy). A couple more hours of iv fluids, 2 more oz of pumped milk, and we were on our way (nearly 6 hours after arriving). He still threw up on Thursday, but we saw the doctor who said, "He looks like a million bucks!" (I love her) and sent us on our way. Friday morning brought diarrhea that absolutely no diaper can hold--not even mine. Oh if only I had a plain old prefold! It is Saturday night and he still has diarrhea--going through several outfits today--but he is eating well again and generally happy. We added bananas and rice cereal throughout the day to help his gut get back on the right track. Friday night was Zeke's turn to throw up. He was up periodically throughout the night, mostly dry-heaving, giving his deposit to the empty ice cream pail beside our bed. Mitch's mom and step-dad arrived today for a week-long visit. We are so happy to have some help, but feel really guilty about sharing our "present." Sigh. Brighter days are ahead! Needless to say, viruses care not for long to-do lists and thus I have not accomplished much of what I needed to do over this break. But now help is here, so hopefully next week will be better!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Monday, Dec. 17th, 2007 is our...

4,000 Day of Marriage!

How do we know? We used the calculator here:

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Thoughts of Bananas and Monkeys

Chiquita Banana has some cute new stickers out there. Zeke loves bananas just for the stickers. He will come and ask me for a banana, and I know that he really just wants the sticker. But no, I can't just peel the sticker off the banana, he has to eat the banana too. My favorite sticker ever says, "Put sticker on forehead. Smile." It has gotten so bad that now when I go to the grocery store and pick out a bunch of bananas I will search for great stickers too. If the sticker I want is not on the bananas I want, I will quickly look around to see if anyone is watching...and then I will take the sticker off and add it to the bananas I want! (yeah, I heard you gasp) =D It's my own little secret. Until now. I found the *perfect* sticker, and it required a picture and subsequently a confession. :) In case you can't read the sticker on Zeke's forehead, it says "100% Perfection." I know that Chiquita made that sticker just for Zeke. It just didn't happen to make it onto the right set of bananas! So I helped them out with that one. (wink, wink)
Oh, look! Malachi just woke up from his nap. Isn't he cute? He just loves his brother Zeke. Zeke always makes him giggle.

Uh-oh. Malachi doesn't seem to care for the bear growl Zeke is doing.

Oh no, I think he's gonna blow...

Oh! It is okay, buddy, mommy will comfort you when she stops laughing her fool head off...

Believe it or not, this series of shots was quite repeatable. As soon as I got him calmed down, Zeke would come back over and growl and we started all over again. By the second time through I had enough sense to hand the camera to Mitch. After catching it two more times on film, my heart finally got the best of me and I made Zeke stop. (Which may come back to haunt me later). It was so cute and so funny. You can't see them yet, but Malachi has his first two teeth now--just got them this week (ouch).

I went to the Y tonight with Kristin. It was Women and Girls night with free childcare!!! We had lots of fun. We found that we are perfectly matched for raquetball--neither of us is any good. We laughed and swung and sometimes we got in a decent hit (which was usually not returned by the opponent).

Tomorrow will be a busy day. I'm looking forward to my sister Carrie flying in for a quick visit (she leaves again Tuesday am). Monday is a very special day, and I hope I get over here to post about it! If I don't, I'll have a good excuse why not. =)

Friday, December 14, 2007

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Global Warming

I had to come back and post a sound off:

Global Warming is a myth!

So there. You now have my opinion on the matter. I truly hope that evangelicals will walk away from this issue and recognize it for the scam that it is. Here are some links for you: (this one is specifically for evangelicals)

Not Slowing Down!

Well, life does not seem to be slowing down any at all here. Our heads are spinning and we're trying hard to grasp hold of our priorities. But things are going well!

I've been busy taking diaper orders when I can. I'd say I'm making somewhere around 5 diapers per week. I wish it were more like 10, but I do what I can! Malachi really needs some new diapers in size LARGE. He had a checkup last week and he weighed in at 20 lbs 10 oz! That's just barely ahead of Zeke who weighed 20 lbs 4 oz when he was 6 months old. Malachi was also really long at 28". I have to try to go find some size 12 mo sleepers for him. He's just not old enough to be in the "shirt and pants" type outfits designed for babies who are upright and moving around more often. So we don't have much here that fits him (where did Zeke's stuff go??? Ah, he was the wrong season).

Mitch likes working for Sal, and I love to hear him praying at the supper table. He asks God to bless Sal and to help him to do a good job and in turn make Sal profitable. What an excellent example for our children!!! :) (and I'm not just saying that since I know that once in a while Steph G reads my blog, lol) The hours are long, but he has had a few days that were on the short side. The busyness of our lives is starting to wear on him a little bit, so I'm desperately searching for ideas on how to calm things down at home some. He has several projects he wants to do, so it's a little overwhelming. It's easy for the "grass is greener" feelings to crop up. He says I am so much busier now with homeschooling added to our lives. Yes, I am busy, but I don't see that it limits my availability to him any--I have always been busy with one thing or another. Getting around to the "Love and Respect" issues, I pointed out that he is much more available to me (even though he is working much longer hours) than he ever was before. I admire how much he has changed--how much he is helping with the kids and around the house.

The kids are doing great in school. At the beginning of the year, reading was Caleb's least favorite subject--right next to handwriting. Now it is at the top of the list next to math (that's my boy!). Wow, does he have some great critical thinking skills in arithmetic! I'm not saying he's a math genius or anything, but it does come easy to him, and that's a good thing. His reading has grown in leaps and bounds, and it is not uncommon for me to find him on the couch actually reading a book, not just looking at the pictures. Within a couple months he will be reading chapter books (less pictures), and I am so excited for him.

Eden has made great strides in her ability to stay focused and be more responsible for independent work. While this is still an area where she really needs to work on, she has already come a long way. She has always been a daydreamer, full of imagination and creativity. I love to see her apply it to writing and drawing. She has A's in all of her subjects, but arithmetic is the hardest for her.

 Micah suffers most from boredom and from being the firstborn. Poor kid! He is very smart and very analytical. I am positive that kid was made to work in some branch of the law (lawyer, law enforcement, judge, etc). He obviously loves it. He is taken well to independent learning. So well, in fact, that it messes with my whole "need to control everything" personality. He has A's and B's in his work, and I'm struggling with my own perfectionist attitudes. (Note to self: take a deep breath. It IS ok to get a B.) As I'm working through my own life learning who I am in Christ, I am also stretching to let Christ, not me, also define Micah. Now do you see what I mean in saying "Poor kid"? It must be because he is firstborn that I put so much pressure on him!

Zeke and Josh are going through their days just happy to be here. Josh seems to be over his naughty streak. =S Or else his parents have just wisened up and become more cautious!

Christmas is a little hard for me this year. I have been wrestling with some of my own disappointments, and I'm trying to let go of that. We are working on getting the tree set up, and I'm sure that doing a little decorating will help snap me back to reality. We are surrounded with love from friends and family, and that helps so much too. It is wonderful to be here!

That's all for's time to start the school day!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Winter Storms

Wow, who prayed for snow? In our 11th year here, I don't remember ever having so much snow this early in the season. Be careful how you read that--we are typically fortunate to have this much snow--it's just that I usually look for it after Christmas. Some years the ground has been bare as late as February 1st! Two storms this week have left us with a generous amount of snow cover. Note that the piles in front of our house are not drifts--we usually shovel the driveway into piles and let the kids have fun shaping them into forts and sledding hills. Papa is really looking forward to getting out his sleds (snowmobiles). I've had my own fun shoveling the driveway (who needs a workout?). Poor Mitch has to be out driving in it. :( The kids love it. So does the dog--I love to watch her run back and forth in it, her big ears flopping everywhere! :)