Saturday, December 22, 2007

A pukey sort of week...

We had a good week, overall. By the title you can probably guess there's a big BUT coming. It was a good week, but we did have to deal with illness bearing down on the family. Our week got off to a good start with a visit from my sister. I only wish she could have visited for longer! It felt like we had just said hello and it was already time to hug goodbye. :( Ah, I'll take what I can get. Mitch and I didn't really celebrate our 4,000 day of marriage, but we did mark it off--I on the blog and with a picture, and Mitch by writing me a very special letter. I bought a ham, and Carrie did a wonderful job of cooking it for us, so we had a feast that night too. After Carrie left, time sort of began to close in on me and I realized that Christmas was only a week away! There are too many things to do. It's a perfect recipe for getting sick, wouldn't you say? We were visited by the vomit/diarrhea virus this week. I should say "are being visited" for I'm sure it hasn't passed through everyone yet. It is a slow-moving virus. It may have started last week (oh how I hope it did) and already moved through me and Josh. Time will tell. Malachi was the first to get noticeably sick this week. He began throwing up in the early afternoon on Wednesday. By Wed night, he had thrown up some 10 times and was refusing to nurse. He had ceased having wet diapers, so I began to be worried and off to the E.R. we went. There I fed him 3 oz of pumped milk, which he promptly refunded within 5 min. You know that in the E.R. if your condition is not serious, they only come to visit once every hour. So after many hours of waiting we used Malachi as a pin cushion--3 pokes in one arm produced a vein that gave blood and then blew out when she tried to flush it. 3 pokes in the other arm and a lot of digging around produced nothing. Finally a charge nurse, another nurse, and a pediatric nurse got a good vein in his foot on the first try. (Note the frustration in my voice--sympathetic for the nurses who were honestly trying to do their best yet frustrated for my sick little boy). A couple more hours of iv fluids, 2 more oz of pumped milk, and we were on our way (nearly 6 hours after arriving). He still threw up on Thursday, but we saw the doctor who said, "He looks like a million bucks!" (I love her) and sent us on our way. Friday morning brought diarrhea that absolutely no diaper can hold--not even mine. Oh if only I had a plain old prefold! It is Saturday night and he still has diarrhea--going through several outfits today--but he is eating well again and generally happy. We added bananas and rice cereal throughout the day to help his gut get back on the right track. Friday night was Zeke's turn to throw up. He was up periodically throughout the night, mostly dry-heaving, giving his deposit to the empty ice cream pail beside our bed. Mitch's mom and step-dad arrived today for a week-long visit. We are so happy to have some help, but feel really guilty about sharing our "present." Sigh. Brighter days are ahead! Needless to say, viruses care not for long to-do lists and thus I have not accomplished much of what I needed to do over this break. But now help is here, so hopefully next week will be better!

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  1. Ugh. We had that virus as well 2 weeks ago. Jake got it first and had it pretty bad....for 3 days. Then about 4 days passed and Brad and I got it. I kept it for 6 days and then Daniel got it and only had symptoms for 12 hours. Lucky dog! I agree that it's slow-creeping, but it must be extremely contagious because we went through an entire can of Lysol within 5 days and a thing of antibacterial hand wash. Hope you guys are on the mend and that no one else gets the creeping crud. It's nasty. :-|