Saturday, December 15, 2007

Thoughts of Bananas and Monkeys

Chiquita Banana has some cute new stickers out there. Zeke loves bananas just for the stickers. He will come and ask me for a banana, and I know that he really just wants the sticker. But no, I can't just peel the sticker off the banana, he has to eat the banana too. My favorite sticker ever says, "Put sticker on forehead. Smile." It has gotten so bad that now when I go to the grocery store and pick out a bunch of bananas I will search for great stickers too. If the sticker I want is not on the bananas I want, I will quickly look around to see if anyone is watching...and then I will take the sticker off and add it to the bananas I want! (yeah, I heard you gasp) =D It's my own little secret. Until now. I found the *perfect* sticker, and it required a picture and subsequently a confession. :) In case you can't read the sticker on Zeke's forehead, it says "100% Perfection." I know that Chiquita made that sticker just for Zeke. It just didn't happen to make it onto the right set of bananas! So I helped them out with that one. (wink, wink)
Oh, look! Malachi just woke up from his nap. Isn't he cute? He just loves his brother Zeke. Zeke always makes him giggle.

Uh-oh. Malachi doesn't seem to care for the bear growl Zeke is doing.

Oh no, I think he's gonna blow...

Oh! It is okay, buddy, mommy will comfort you when she stops laughing her fool head off...

Believe it or not, this series of shots was quite repeatable. As soon as I got him calmed down, Zeke would come back over and growl and we started all over again. By the second time through I had enough sense to hand the camera to Mitch. After catching it two more times on film, my heart finally got the best of me and I made Zeke stop. (Which may come back to haunt me later). It was so cute and so funny. You can't see them yet, but Malachi has his first two teeth now--just got them this week (ouch).

I went to the Y tonight with Kristin. It was Women and Girls night with free childcare!!! We had lots of fun. We found that we are perfectly matched for raquetball--neither of us is any good. We laughed and swung and sometimes we got in a decent hit (which was usually not returned by the opponent).

Tomorrow will be a busy day. I'm looking forward to my sister Carrie flying in for a quick visit (she leaves again Tuesday am). Monday is a very special day, and I hope I get over here to post about it! If I don't, I'll have a good excuse why not. =)


  1. Well, I guess the "not any good" factor will have to be perfected. :P I had a great time too! Can't wait until next month so we can do it again. :)

    I just need to add that I had a great time beating you at air hockey... thanks to your shot :)


  2. I would just like to add that Steph also would steal grapes as a toddler in the stores as well. We'd be going through Don Grabeel's or Piggly Wiggly, and she'd reach up high on tippy toes to get a couple of grapes to snack on in the store. I would tattle to our mom who said a couple of grapes wouldn't matter. Now she's moved up to removing stickers from 'naners!! Ha! Ha! I had a great time while I was up there, and hope to return again someday (just like Frosty??) But I'm afraid my flight status has to be moved up to 'companion' so I'm no longer flying solo. Which makes it more difficult to get out. I'm just glad you all know how hard it is!! Ha! Ha!! Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!! Love ya's all!! :) Miss you Romey!!