Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Winter Storms

Wow, who prayed for snow? In our 11th year here, I don't remember ever having so much snow this early in the season. Be careful how you read that--we are typically fortunate to have this much snow--it's just that I usually look for it after Christmas. Some years the ground has been bare as late as February 1st! Two storms this week have left us with a generous amount of snow cover. Note that the piles in front of our house are not drifts--we usually shovel the driveway into piles and let the kids have fun shaping them into forts and sledding hills. Papa is really looking forward to getting out his sleds (snowmobiles). I've had my own fun shoveling the driveway (who needs a workout?). Poor Mitch has to be out driving in it. :( The kids love it. So does the dog--I love to watch her run back and forth in it, her big ears flopping everywhere! :)


  1. Holy smokes, girl! We got an inch here last night but it was almost all melted by sunrise. :-| Snow forts? What's that? My kids are deprived....

  2. Hey! Where did your house go? LOL