Thursday, February 14, 2008

3 more sick...

Wow, this is a tough one. Yesterday (Wednesday am) Zeke awoke and his fever was gone. Josh was feeling pretty crummy and coughing. His fever gradually rose as the day went on. He's got that look about him--when he coughs he winces and cries, and you just know it hurts. :( That continued through the night and is still going this morning. He is not as happy to sleep away his illness as Zeke had been. The baby took an extra-long nap yesterday afternoon, so I slightly suspected something was up. By evening his axillary temp had climbed above 99 and he was drowsy. He seems to be spared (for now) the cutting cough though. His temp this morning with tylenol was 99.8, so a slight fever still there. Micah woke up complaining, which is not totally unusual for him, and his temp was slowly climbing above 99. He thought for sure that meant a day off of school. I told him it's either school or bed. After whining about me not making him breakfast (he was downstairs in my room), he curled up in my bed and went back to sleep. For the record, there's an egg omlet waiting on him up here if he ever manages to wander back up. Eden came home from Holly's house yesterday sporting a big ol' fever blister, so that was my warning sign that I could expect one. Sure enough I had one this am. Eden hasn't made it out of bed yet this morning, but that's typical for Sleeping Beauty. :) Caleb is bouncing off the walls, and quite irritated that he has to do school. He even said to me, "Why does Micah get to play all day?" I'm like, um, what do you think Micah is doing? Good grief kid. Zeke is pretty happy too.

On a different note, I made a yummy snack for the kids yesterday that was somewhat healthy. I spread some graham crackers on the bottom of a 9x13 pan, covered them with peanut butter, and then layered more graham crackers on top. I then melted some milk chocolate chips and spread in a thin layer on top. It was super yummy and only a little messy. It was especially easy, I set it on the deck to cool and it was ready in about 15 min start to finish. The only bad part was *after* I had consumed a good 2 squares of this treat Mitch called to let me know he was taking me out for dinner. Even though it was over an hour later my tummy was still pretty full. Grrr...

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  1. So far, we've been spared. I can only pray that continues! I'd really be bummed if I had to cancel my trip to the Cities tomorrow to see that new nephew of mine!

    Here's a get well soon wish for all of you!