Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Down and Out

Zeke has been down and out since yesterday morning with a "good" fever. It's been around 103 today when I allow the tylenol to wear off. We saw the doctor and he tested negative for strep and influenza (that's a relief). The doc wants us to put him on an antibiotic anyway because he feels that Zeke will still show up positive for strep in a couple days. I decided to hold out at least until tomorrow to see if his fever improves on its own. It seemed like a "grey area" to me.

So Zeke's fluid intake has been low and thus he hasn't had much for wet underwear (although he did pee in his nighttime undies last night). Josh didn't have any accidents yesterday or today (even after carting him around to the doctor's office and other errands all day).

On a positive note, Micah and Eden got to stay at home alone twice today for about an hour each time. Amazingly, they managed to get their schoolwork done. I'm proud of them. I was also calling them about every 15 min if they didn't call me, to tell them what to do next and check to see if they had done it. I guess it's a "different" approach to homeschool...maybe not an accredited one, huh?

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