Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hubby Brag

I don't brag on him often enough, and this weekend he definitely deserves it! My hubby knew I was sick, and offered to "take over" for me on Saturday. I got up early with the kids Saturday morning and figured I could get a head start on my sewing before they got too "out of control." Mitch got up later and he really did take over. He did a great job taking care of everyone--even cleaned up while I ran out to the fabric store and then went for my groceries (a dreaded chore these days). He played games with the kids and worked with Micah on homework that I had decided I could do no more of ("My State Notebook" by A Beka). Later when Josh had an accident in his pants (diarrhea) and it got all over the bathroom, Mitch walked in and said "I'll clean it up." I'm like, "What? Seriously?" Then I bolted! He cleaned it up, gave Josh and Zeke a bath, ate supper, and read the Bible with the kids all at the same time. Best yet, he did it all with a smile. =) This morning he took Eden and Caleb (the only two who have not been sick) to church with him as we were signed up to do Children's Church. Now he is home again and taking care of me once again.

I am not doing so hot. I don't have a fever, but I do have full-blown conjestion. Josh doesn't look well at all either. His fever is back, and I tried to get him in to express care but they are booked out. So we will try to get him seen tomorrow (hopefully avoiding an ER trip). I'm pushing fluids, but that is hard to do. I got him to eat some yogurt, thankfully, as he has had the unpleasant side effect of diarrhea. I shouldn't have sent Eden and Caleb to church. Eden came home and went right to bed (a kid who willingly takes a nap is a sick kid), and sure enough now she has a low grade fever. I hope Mitch doesn't get sick. NOW he is acting all funny like "don't touch that--it's mine" and trying to avoid our germs. He should have been doing that from the beginning.

Micah overheard me say there is no mail tomorrow. He brightened and said, "Is it a holiday?" Ha--I quickly informed him that we WILL be doing school. (Me and my anal self--we are a whole 3 or 4 lessons behind). I don't want him to get his hopes up, but we just might not be able to do school.

Zeke did not stay dry overnight, but he was *almost* dry, which is a very good sign. He has been staying dry throughout the day--hurray!! Josh had his first nighttime accident last night, which meant he got ANOTHER bath this morning.


  1. Oh goodness. Sorry you guys have been so sick! Hope everyone has a speedy recovery. We've had a lot of medical problems as well....we're 9 lessons behind, thanks to scarlet fever, nasty colds, and now I'm going to the chiropractor 3x a week due to a malaligned spine! There's no end in sight, I'm afraid! Sick people, unite! LOL

  2. My kids are all upset that "no one else has to have school today" and I informed them that the Theis kids were having school! LOL

    I also reminded them that there are times when everyone else has to go to school and they get a day off -- like last Friday.

    Hope you are all feeling better soon so I can come over and play! lol