Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Ohhhhh mannnnnnn. Isn't that the call of many moms of young ones? I'm definitely feeling it in my bones.

Yay...Zeke stayed dry last night and the night before! He only had wet underwear once yesterday, and I took that on his word--he was being "naughty"--it was during nap time and I think he was looking for an excuse to get out of bed. I am thrilled. Now it's Josh's turn to be "naughty". He's still playing this "poor me" role all too well. If you look at him, he's this pitiful-looking scrawny thing anyways as it is. He has a good hold on my heart, that's for sure. I guess I'm going to have to send my heart in for surgery. ;) I'm creating a monster who whines any time of day (and night!) just to get my attention. Yeah, I'm *this* close to being "over it." No...wait...I'm already there. =P His favorite is to come running to me yelling (in a strained, whining, urgent voice), "Mom, I need go potty!" As soon as I jump up and run after him, he yells, "No, I dry, I dry!" Grrrrr. Herein is the problem: if I don't react, then he has an "accident" in his pants. Totally a control issue. I'm going to have to use "natural" consequences.

Last night Zeke (4 yo) was crying over a toy or something that had gotten broken. He was talking to Mitch about it. Suddenly he comes out with this line, "That's ok. I still love all you people." Really? Thanks. Later he came to me whining that he didn't like the candy (which he had already eaten fully) he picked out for dessert. Naturally I just don't want to listen to him...yet he continues to whine and cry louder and louder. I was in the middle of working, and I couldn't figure out if he had gotten some candy or not gotten some--the way he was going on you would think he didn't have any at all. I really didn't want to deal with figuring it out. I finally say, "Go tell your dad." (How thoughtful of me!). He immediately stops, and says, "He doesn't want to talk to me when I'm crying and whining." I'm like, what?!? I said, "Well, I don't want to talk to you either!" I mean, come on!

Well, now I'm just making up excuses to not go do my work. I need to get stuff ready for the kids' day at school. Everyone finally seems to be getting better from the colds--with the exception of a lingering runny nose and cough, they are pretty much back to normal attitudes. ;)

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  1. I am ROTFLOL here. I can just picture (or rather hear) Zeke with his crying/whining and just *stopping* to explain that daddy doesn't want to talk to him when he's like that. hahahahaha

    Okay, I'm done laughing now (almost). Guess you know what you need to do now :)