Thursday, February 14, 2008

Poor Baby...


  1. how cute! are you wearing him on your back? that is my favorite carry when I am busy- sometimes I even put Briena (2yrs) in there when she is super crabby and needs to chill for a bit. we are going to a children's museum with all the kids in two weeks and I will for sure be toting Isabell on my back so I can explore with the older kids. :)
    now the tricky part was getting him out and laying down without waking him - were you successful there? :)

  2. Nice carrier! :P I keep praying Shi doesn't end up sick too :S How sad would it be if I didn't get to meet my nephew tomorrow! She was feeling a bit warm this afternoon, but no temp yet...


  3. I wore the carrier today at the doc's office (follow up visit for Zeke's surgery) and EVERYONE was commenting/staring/asking. :)

    Yes, I am wearing him on my back. This particular carrier is a modified mei tai that my (and Kristin's) friend Jill makes. Her website is (sorry I'm too tired to figure out what the a href code is to make that a link)

    So here's how I get the sleeping baby off me (and manage to keep him somewhat sleeping). First, I don't try to take him off too soon nor too late. About 10 min after he's dozing, but before he hits 20 min seems to work good. This carrier is nice because I don't have to "pull" him out--it's a wrap that basically just wraps around him and me. So with him on my back I sit down on the bed, and I untie the carrier and I hold onto the straps to ease him down gently. Then I can usually scoop him up and transfer him to the crib. His eyes may open slightly, but he usually closes them back when I give him his blankie.