Friday, February 15, 2008

School is canceled...

...the teacher is sick.

Ha! They wish!! We did do school today, though I am catching this awful virus. Micah had a hard time today as the second day seems to be the worst. Josh and Malachi are both quite crabby. They were both up numerous times during the night, so I'm not operating on the best amount of sleep either. Josh slept with us in our bed for most of the night, all the time sounding like he could hardly I slept quite lightly. Mitch is having a tough day too--it's almost 6:30 and he's still out delivering packages in the freezing cold (4 degrees Farenheit here). I'm sure he's glad the temp is going to warm up this weekend. I'm hoping he doesn't get sick too, but realize that he most likely will.

I have a couple diaper orders to take care of, then I'm all caught up...hint, hint... I'm curious to see what happens next!

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