Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sleep, Glorious Sleep!

My head hit the pillow last night around 11:30 and I was out almost instantly. Imagine my surprise when I next looked at the clock and saw it was 5:30 a.m.! I slept for 6 whole hours straight! Ouch! My chest hurt!! ;o) Not Zeke, not Josh, not even Malachi woke me up! I jumped out of bed (amazing how you're so full of energy at a time like that, isn't it?), checked the baby monitor (yes it was on but turned down), then checked the baby who was sleeping soundly in his crib. So I crawled back into bed and the next time I opened my eyes it was 7 a.m. Amazing!! I can't express how good it felt. :) Well, it wasn't all that point I decided I would have to either get out my pump or go wake the baby to nurse...oye. So I woke up the baby, who was quite happy to see "me". I feel a tinge guilty--what if he woke up in the middle of the night and cried himself back to sleep (probably a good thing)? What if he was hysterical for hours and I just didn't hear him (not likely)? Sigh. It was wonderful anyway.

Zeke wet his bed yesterday with a full-bladder release soaking through even the waterproof matress pad. Sometime in the early morning today he got up and went to the potty and changed his nighttime undies, but they weren't a lot wet--just a little. Josh had plenty of accidents yesterday, driving me insane. Come on buddy!

School was simply wonderful yesterday--Caleb was done around 10:30, Micah was done by 11:30, and Eden was done in the early afternoon. Today we have a WIC appointment, and the toys are threatening to take over every square inch of the house, so I think I will cancel school and do some much needed errands and cleaning (and maybe even sewing before the sun goes down--imagine that!). :) I reworked my school calendar--we only have about 60 lessons left to go in the school year--and we could take off one day a week from here on out and still be all done the first week of June. That is pretty great, don't you think? By the way, when I said in a previous post that we are 3 or 4 lessons "behind", that is from our original calendar that has us finishing the second week of May. Kristin asked me what I am going to do with the kids this summer when they are bored. Good question. She is planning on schooling straight through the summer. I'm planning on sewing every day. But the kids ARE still going to get bored. I had planned on letting them explore their passions (Eden's is history, for example) and possibly pick a subject from the next grade to work ahead on. That's what hs'ing is really about, and we haven't been able to grasp that yet this year since there has been so many other things going on.

Speaking of Kristin...what did I tell you I was going to blog about? I can't remember!! LOL =D

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  1. Oh, ya... cause my memory is so much better than yours! LOL

    Glad you got some sleep :)