Saturday, February 02, 2008

Update on Zeke

Zeke's surgery went well!

I think it went a little too well in fact. He came in the door yelling as happily as if he'd been off on some "fun" trip with Dad, calling all his brothers and sister to come see his new shirt. I thought for sure the medicine (tylenol with codeine) would have him napping throughout the day, but there was no such "luck". He was his happy, energetic self ALL day and didn't crash until bedtime. This morning he woke up puking, but we think it's just a virus (I wasn't feeling very well myself yesterday afternoon, and Josh had diarrhea earlier this week). The doctor said that they normally like to see the opening at a "12" and Zeke was only at a "4" when they started.

So that's the update. Time will tell if the procedure worked or not. He does not seem sore or anything like that. We are praying it heals well without scarring (which would cause the same problem all over again).

I'm going back to the sewing room...


  1. I am VERY glad to hear that things went well. Surgery for a small child isn't fun. Exactly how old is Zeke? 4? Meyrick had his tonsils and adenoids removed at 3 1/2 and it wasn't fun. I'm glad he had a good experience!!!!!!!!

    I'm 13 weeks now and doing fine. I really don't feel pregnant most of the time (except for the mild cramping).

  2. I hope you will not be sending me any more 'mystery' pictures!! Ha! Ha!! :) Please have everyone you know pray for Uncle James. I am very upset with his care and progress. If Grannyham could see the way he looks, she probably would want to be where she is. I know that he is in no pain, but still to be surrounded by strangers constantly, and depending on someone else to care for you has got to be a struggle. Mom says he is in the best place for himself and the protection of others. Lets pray that God has his hand on him a little firmer, and performs a miracle. I'm glad that all is well with your brood other than a little virus. I miss each and every one of you, and hope to see you maybe out my way this summer???!!! That would be AWESOME!! Have a great day. TTYL!! Carrie (the meanie sister)

  3. P.S.: Is that Malachi already 'cruising' around in the background??!! You didn't tell me he was pulling himself up already!!! Great!!! :)

  4. Yes, that's Malachi, but he's not standing on his feet--only kneeling. Just as soon as he finally figured out how to crawl for real (instead of army crawling) he also learned how to pull up on his knees. Oh my goodness, he has fallen over a few times too.