Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Whew Doggies...

I am really busy now! How many fitted diapers do you think I can sew in 2 weeks? I don't know either, but let's hope I can do a little over 30! Check back in 2 weeks and I'll let ya know. ;-)

I had a great weekend. I made some really super duper cute training pants. Let's see, maybe I'll put in a picture. I also got to go to the fabric store. Without the kids. (Crucial point there!)

Zeke and Josh both did fantastic staying dry overnight this weekend. Josh did NOT do fantastic at church, however. See, my first problem is I didn't put him in his cute new training pants (um, his are BLUE, not the pink ones in the picture). That would have helped. The real issue was when he had a very loose stool in his pants, IN the church 2-yo room. I happened to have the perfect timing of walking down the hall at the very moment a worried worker peeked her head out the door hoping to find someone to help. =S Josh was soooo messy. Have you ever tried to give a kid a bath in a tiny preschool-sized sink? I did. Oye. Just let me tell you--I was not liking potty training so much at that moment. But I got over it. I do really like potty training. There's so much about it to analyze. My brain eats that stuff up. :)

On a really bad note...our dog ran away on Saturday. This time she did not come back. We knew she could slip out under the fence. She's done it a couple other times. We hadn't fixed it yet. I am a little annoyed about that detail, but whatever. When it was really super cold she didn't bother to try. But Saturday was not super cold. It was really nice and warm (relatively speaking here). She slipped out and I got mad and said "good bye and good riddance." Besides, she had her collar on. A couple hours later our doorbell rang--ha, I thought, see there she is caught. But it was our neighbor handing us the empty collar. And the dog was running away happily, her ears flapping in the wind. Grrrr. She said she had *almost* made it up to the house and the dog slipped out. I ran after her for a little ways, then gave up and came back inside. A little bit later she came within close proximity of the house again, so I went out to try once more. She was heading towards the old farm (now a greenhouse) in our backyard, where she likes to chase the cats and rabbits. I was hoping she'd corner something and I could grab her. Nope, instead she let me get close, then she darted off through one of the empty greenhouses and out the back door. I didn't try to climb over the palates to get to her, and once she was out she took off running and never looked back. I turned in disgust and walked back home. My lungs were burning and my arms and legs shaking from the forced workout. My anger was also burning. I think I said something along the lines of "I hate that dog," and "We're never going to have another dog ever ever again." Yeah. I'm pretty much not feeling the love. My poor kids...out of sympathy for them I called the pound this morning to see if she had been turned in, but they weren't open yet. I guess I'll try again tomorrow. Man, this is frustrating. I don't want to keep a dog that doesn't want to stay! But part of my problem is that it's not so much that she doesn't want to stay as it is that she's doing what she's bred to do--she's a coonhound and she wants to hunt/run/chase/smell/etc.


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