Saturday, February 16, 2008

Yay--Dry again!

Hurray! Zeke stayed dry overnight again! I'm going to watch him throughout today to see if he keeps his underwear dry. The sticker chart is still working well for him too. He's working towards getting a new little car. Josh is just working for stickers. :)

Everyone except Josh seems to be doing really well this morning. I went to bed early and was surprised to wake up feeling fairly normal. Josh is still conjested and winces when he coughs. He plays this role well--he's so pitiful! Thankfully it all sounds like it's in his throat/upper respiratory.


  1. I absolutely agree that birth control leads to an acceptance of abortion. People who use birth control have an anti-baby attitude, so abortion seems quite acceptable. I also feel that it leads to infidelity. Adults come to feel that they can have sex with no repurcussions and they begin to view sex as a pleasurable experience only, instead of part of the commitment of a man to his wife, and vice versa.

  2. Got my quiverfull post done. You should check it out :) I also made some other changes over at my blog... and added my favorite quote from Doug Phillips to my sidebar.

    Hope you are feeling better!