Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Catching Up

I finished 12 one-size fitted diapers today. Those are probably the most time-intensive diapers I make, so this is a huge feat for me. Especially considering I only started them on Saturday...but I didn't get to work much on them...so the bulk of the work was done yesterday and today. (Ahem, do I need admit that we didn't do school either yesterday or today?) Oh well...back to that in a minute...I decided that I "earned" a few minutes to write a blog and catch up. I even took notes while I worked yesterday and today, so that I could remember all I wanted to say. :)

First off, yesterday Micah was writing a report about Jupiter. He said that no one knows for sure what is at the core of Jupiter. Caleb says back, "Yeah someone knows." Micah says (in his know-it-all-big-brother voice), "Nuh-uh." Caleb and I reply at the same time, "God does." This led me to a deeper thought. As a human race, do we think we are invincible? That every problem that we face today will some day be overcome? I mean, right now we do not have the technology nor the power to even put a space ship into the atmosphere of Jupiter (much less send one to the core). Micah's research says that the pressure alone is great enough to crush a ship. So...do we think that some day we will have the power to do that? I think that in some ways we really do have an "invincible" mindset...that we have much more power and control over the future than we really do. While there are certainly instances of "the sky is falling and the world is going to end" things like global warming, I also think that we tend to be a bit too big for our britches and optimistic about the future in ways that are ridiculous. Maybe we are even just too arrogant, making predictions about the future that are based on grossly misguided assumptions. I'm not saying that we won't some day be able to send a ship to Jupiter. But it sure does seem a bit ridiculous to even be talking about it. Ok...now I'm starting to lose the essence of the thought I was following yesterday...that's the problem with taking notes, I guess.

Next, there was a cool quote in that video I posted a link to. I tried several times to edit my post and add it to it, but alas...there were unexplained "forces" keeping me from doing so. Here ya go:

"Political correctness has replaced Biblical correctness in our world today."

Oh no...the next thing I was going to talk about was my business plan for Pampered Cheeks. Oye. That will actually be a little long. I have been putting a lot of thought into the direction of my company. The most fun question I have been working through is "What are my advantages?" It is a little draining to sit and uncover what I have to offer that is so special (or so different from other companies). I also wanted to talk about supply and demand. Obviously I should have taken at least *one* business course in college. All those math courses don't seem to be helping me out here. I only learned recently that if the supply is low, and the demand is high, that you are supposed to raise prices. Let me tell you, that took a little while for me to think through! I have been making more diapers (obviously), which means that I'm getting more feedback and reviews than ever. Mostly I keep them to myself, but sometimes people ask where they can post a public review. By the way, there are reviews here and here. So it seems that my worry-meter is directly attached to the number of diapers I sell...the more I sell, the more I worry. One slightly negative, or perceived as negative, comment about my diapers makes my stomach ache. I'm trying really hard to get rid of this worry thing. The dozens and dozens of positive reviews I've received overwhelmingly tell me I'm doing something right. I believe that the worry is an attack of Satan. When he can't get me there, he's trying to get me in another area--supplies. Some of my supplies come from sources that have long waiting periods or limited availability. It is hard to plan for the future when my business has been growing so rapidly. I tend to need to breathe calmly and deeply from time to time when I get to the bottom of the barrel on particular supplies. But God ALWAYS provides. He ALWAYS does. So why do I worry? I'm trying so hard to lay my business in His hands. While He wants me to do it, I will prosper. When He says I am done, I will be done (sniff, sniff). But I don't have to worry.

I made those notes yesterday, then today, there was a great broadcast on the radio by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. You can read the entire transcript or listen here (you may have to scroll to get to Tuesday, March 11, 2008). She quoted many great scripture passages, and this one stood out because the kids and I memorized it earlier this school year:

"Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord, is the rock eternal." Isaiah 26:4
God is so cool to have this great reminder at a time when I desperately need it!!


  1. You know I think your diapers rock! They are replacing our GM's so what more can I say. It's one thing to have a great product but you have such incredile CS that it makes buying from you a true joy. Glean what you can from any negative comments and move on to making more fantastic diapers. I can't wait to see what God has in store for you. Smiles, Heidi

  2. I love your diapers too! I only have 2, but we enjoy it when we get to use them!