Friday, March 07, 2008

A handful of things...

It has been a busy week here...a little crazy too. Very up and down emotionally for Mitch, who is concerned about finances (me too). We fell off the wagon and didn't do such a good job homeschooling this week. We *painfully* finished 3 days of school so far (remember the goal is 4). No wait, Eden and Caleb didn't finish school yesterday. So that means that today I hope to get them finished with yesterday's work, plus get another full day of school in. Ouch. They just need their momma to sit beside them, yet every day this week I have been a scatter-brain, flitting about from one end of the house to the other, from project to project, not staying focused long enough to get them done with work. I cannot remember a time in my life when I had so much to manage at one time. It is really challenging and very rewarding. My brain is on fire and alive...energized and ready for each day! (If I go to bed before midnight and don't get up until after 6:30, that is).

Malachi's 3 new teeth have not made him a very happy camper. They're not quite through yet, even though their sharp little edges can be felt now, I noticed yesterday that the skin was yellowed and a little bleeding around one tooth (trying to grow back over). Poor baby, you know that has to be a constant irritation. He hasn't been very "nice" when nursing. Poor momma.

Josh has had a couple of accidents this week, mostly in the bathroom floor just not getting his pants down in time. He insists on sitting on the big potty with a potty ring. He is so short he has to have a step stool just to get up on the potty. So there is a little bit of prep work necessary to get the potty ready for him to use. It's pretty frustrating for me--I wish he would just use the little potty chair. But he is a "big boy." His vocabulary and mannerisms are growing every day too. He says the funniest things at just the right time. And puts the cutest faces on. We laugh and laugh at him. Then when we ask him to do it again (especially for an audience), he usually gives us a mean look or looks down and to the side. As if to say "You are not worth my time. I won't look at you and you will go away. I don't know what you're talking about." Unless I get out the camera...then he's ready to do all kinds of cute poses...if I'll show him after each photo of course. The most startling is when one of the older kids will do "force choke" aka Darth Vader style, and Josh will pretend to choke and die. Nice one, buddy. Then of course he gets up and force chokes them back. LOL. Here are some photos. I was in my sewing room working, taking some pictures, when he came in whining about something. I turned and took a picture, then showed it to him. He forgot about what was troubling him after a couple pictures and then I nabbed these "staged" ones. He was having a lot of fun...obviously. :)

I should probably go start school. It's not as if we don't have much to do today!

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  1. Cute pics :) He has a Zeke smile!

    We need to get together!