Saturday, March 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Eden!

Eden turns 9 today. I remember that wonderful day 9 years ago when she joined our lives. It chokes me up now to think about it. Can she really be NINE??? She was a *wonderful* baby. She was so beautiful and had a perfectly round head. They used surgical lubricant to stick these adorable bows in her hair. Happy Birthday, Eden!

Eden and I are going to go to the fabric store together today--she wants to make a fleece blanket. Tonight we are having a party with Mitch's family.

In other news...Zeke stayed dry all night!! We thought we should throw a party and have a cake for him. Well, Mitch thought that. Eden gave him "the look" that said he'd better not. :)



    Oh, and Steph, when do you need me to come over next? Tim has been at work ALL DAY today. He's probably got another hour or two left. Maybe he'll agree that I've earned some "time away"??


  2. Well Sister, I see you have been busy all of this time after all!!! :P Sorry I've missed all of your adventures while I'm on my own at this time. It was good to see the kids and snow again, miss one, but not the other! Spring is wonderful here on the coast, wish it was not so pollenated. The sea breeze kicks in so much and covers everything with both sand and pollen. It was great talking to you this weekend, I wish I could do it more often. Hopefully work will come soon and I will have my own phone again!! :) As well as internet so I don't have to walk 4 miles to see everyone. Well time is up, I miss and love you all very much!! Take care!! Carrie