Sunday, March 23, 2008


Ok, this is kicking my butt. I suppose God is going to get a day of rest out of me yet! A week or so ago Malachi bit me while nursing (note: later in my story I didn't clarify *where* to the doctor, which resulted in a very funny misunderstanding! ). It was sore for a few days, on the worst day I had to pump instead of nursing, but it got better. It was good for a couple days, then the other side got bit. He actually broke the skin both times. I took the same approach to healing (changing nursing positions, using lansinoh, pumping). Yesterday it was still extremely painful. Saturdays are my big sewing days, you know, so I refused to give in. By 8 pm I was running a low-grade fever and knew I wasn't going to finish, so I gave up. I went to bed, refusing to go to the e.r., and writhed in pain until I finally took some tylenol. It worked like a charm! I suffered through church this morning too (after all, it's not really contagious, lol), determined to fulfill our obligation to do children's church (the last 2 times I have stayed home with sick kids and sent Mitch on alone). Finally this afternoon I made it to urgent care. By some miracle I was in and out in only 30 min with an antibiotic. I really feel crappy. Hopefully by tomorrow I will be feeling much better. This afternoon I don't feel guilty just hanging out and catching up on all the email time I had to forfeit last night!


  1. Okay, so now I want to know about this misunderstanding! LOL

    I feel your pain! As you know I've been afflicted with this myself... NO FUN!


  2. I hope you are feeling better. The last time I went to urgent care I was there for nearly 4 hours, how wonderful that you were able to make it out quickly!

  3. Oh, I HATE mastitis! I've had it 3 times now, and it's just nasty. Hope your antibiotics kick in real quick.