Saturday, March 15, 2008

Not so much Hosea I'm feeling less like Hosea now. Lady ran away again on Thursday evening. Grrrr. We chased her all over--spent 2 good sewing hours trying to catch her. She refused to come. By Friday she was still out. She had slipped out of her collar when Eden went down to help her get untangled from the chain. I'm beyond frustrated, and do not have the will power left to pursue her!


  1. You know, I feel that way about a few people in my life. And with them, I never really do give up. It's just the nature of who I am I guess. But that dog? Yep, I'm with you on that one...

  2. Hello, I just found your blog...I like it.
    I'm really sorry to read about your problems with your dog - first, running around alone is dangerous to herself, even in the most peaceful places there is a zillion possibilities how an animal can get harmed; and second, a freerunning dog, however big or small, is always a danger to other animals and maybe even to people. We just lost a beloved cat to a pack of getaway puppies, and the owner seems incapable to keep them at home... :(
    Sorry about the bad English, it is not my first language. Hope you'll find a way to train your dog to obey.