Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Sound Off

Ok, more about Global warming today. Because I feel like I don't have a voice anywhere else, at least I can put it out here. I read two great articles today continuing on the theme that the earth is experiencing global cooling and what the political ramifications of that are.
First off here is an article that gives more background to the numbers I quoted the other day:

Here are some of my favorite quotes:
"Well, NASA says recent satellite images show that the allegedly endangered polar ice cap -- which will melt completely one of these summers and kill off all the polar bears if we don't slash our greedy carbon footprints and revert to the lifestyles of medieval peasants -- has recovered to near normal coverage levels."
"There's even better news for polar ice-pack lovers from ice expert Gilles Langis, who says Arctic ice is now even thicker than usual in spots.
"So far, Watts and his volunteers have checked out more than 500 weather stations ... nearly 70 percent of the sites fail to meet the government's own standards ..."
And the clincher statement:
"As far as Google's search engine knows, Comiso's comforting report has appeared nowhere but in Canada."

Here are some political (and concern my own pocket book) ramifications:
"John McCain, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton all promise massive new regulations that will cost trillions of dollars to combat global warming. McCain says that it will be his first task if he wins the presidency. After consulting with Al Gore, Obama feels the problem is so imminent that it is not even really possible to wait until he becomes president."
"Surely, they were rising from the late 1970s to 1998, but "there has been no net global warming since 1998." Indeed, the more recent numbers show that there is now evidence of significant cooling."
"Mankind is responsible for just a fraction of one percent of the effect from greenhouse gases, and greenhouse gases are not responsible for most of what causes warming (e.g., the Sun)."
"Although some blame global warming for seemingly everything, according to others higher temperatures will increase the amount of land that we can use to grow food, it will improve people's health, and increase biological diversity."
"If we believe that man-made global warming is “bad,” we still don’t want to eliminate all carbon emissions. Having no cars, no air conditioning, or no electricity would presumably be much worse than anything people are claiming from global warming.
You want to pick a tax that just discourages carbon emissions to the point where the cost of global warming is greater than that of cutting emissions."

It really is not a simple topic, but as we watch the presidential debates and listen to smooth-talking promises flowing from the lips of the candidates, it would be prudent for us to consider the real evidence that they may not have taken the time to research. Or perhaps they have, but would rather present a more dramatic picture and then say what they think we want to hear...in order to promote their own causes.

I seriously thought we would be seeing these numbers and articles like this a year from now, after the presidential elections are over. I figured that having the best proposal to fight "global warming" would be essential to winning the election. I am stunned to see this data so early in the game. What I really hope this means is that the candidates will "wake up" and change their song and dance program.

Hmmm...a funny thought just occured to me...I wonder if CHINA paid any money towards Al Gore's little movie he did a couple years ago that really got the ball rolling on global warming? Since really, China stands to gain the most economically from policies in the US that would cut emissions. And now with the value of the US dollar decreasing and that of the Yen increasing, I am more suspicious. I am also more hopeful that, as Mitch said, we will stop importing "little plastic dinosaurs" and start producing them ourselves. After all...if the value of the Yen continues to grow, eventually products from China won't be so cheap anymore. China *may* be hoping that we have forgotten or become inable to produce for ourselves at this stage in the game. I really think that the spirit of the American people will rise, and we will show that we are quite capable of producing the products that we need to survive and prosper. I am also hopeful that American people will turn their hearts back to God. THEN we will be a great nation, respected and revered, once again.

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

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  1. Well, the temps we had in February certainly would undermine the "global warming" idea!

    I think that all conservative Christians should band together and place someone like Dr. James Dobson on the ballot as a write in candidate... :)