Friday, March 28, 2008

Tying up loose ends

Sorry to leave you hanging!! =)

The mastitis has healed very nicely with antibiotics, in spite of me only remembering them about once per day instead of twice. I was back up and running on Monday and felt fully better by Tuesday.

We have decided to let the dog go to a new home. After we were confident she was picked up by the pound, we let the matter drop. Mitch did talk to someone from the city, but we did not "claim" her. He discussed the fees, and we had to make a sound financial decision. She is a very sweet, good dog, but not the right match for our family. We know someone will take her. The pound said she knew how to escape out of their kennels. Amazing!

Zeke is still wetting his underwear at night and sometimes during the day (although daytime is better). Mitch and I talked about this for a while tonight. The doctor would say to put him on medication. It really is not a life-threatening condition, and we decided we want to wait to see how things change as he matures a little bit.

Josh is staying dry almost all the time! He has awesome new training underwear for when we go out (made by me, of course), and they work wonderfully. Twice now the weather has been warm enough for him to play outside, and he never comes in to pee in time. So we will have to work on that discipline. Being outside is so incredibly fun, especially for a boy who has just spent the past 1/5 (6 months out of 31) of his life indoors!

I'm still incredibly busy--crazy busy--at Pampered Cheeks. I sort of worked myself into a full-time job for a little while here. I finally got a hold of the reins and have walked it back down over the next few weeks. The painful thing though is my wait list for customs is now 6 weeks out--ouch! I used to love having an order turned around in 2 weeks or less. So that's kind of how I worked myself into a full-time job...accepting orders I assumed I could get done anyways. I need to make about 40 diapers over the next week or so. I don't know how many I actually did this week. I do know it was more than 20!

We got 4 full days of school done this week too! =) I know that normal people go to school 5 days a week. But we have 170 lessons in the school year. We are on lesson 129. If we go 4 days a week from now until we hit 170, we'll be done the first/second week of June. Not bad, I say! And what a relief for me to have a little breathing room in my schedule.

Look out, the weather forcaster says that there will be snow this weekend. Ahhhh...good sewing weather!

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