Sunday, April 13, 2008

Curly hair, hair cuts, and more!

A little fun today. Proof that my kids get their curly hair from me. I get asked all the time where Zeke gets his curly hair from and it drives me nuts. Does it look like my hair is straight??? When people are at my house, I take advantage of the situation and pull out my baby album. These are the pictures that I show them that dispel all doubt! Malachi probably looks the most like me that any of my kids have looked. Probably because he's so fat. What do you think of my diaper cover? I think I've made some improvements over the years with Pampered Cheeks, huh?!

Here you can see the results of Zeke's hair cut. :(

Josh has curly hair too! His hair has come in so slowly, but it is nice and curly at least right after a bath.

Here are all of my cute boys together! Caleb was the naughty one who put rabbit ears on Malachi even after I said not to.


  1. More and more, if I just glance at your kids (particularly from behind) I mistake Josh for Zeke. It's amazing the things his hair did when it finally started to grow! =D


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