Saturday, April 26, 2008

For those of you who live in the South

If you know how to read a map, and can locate Minnesota, you will observe the nice white swirl. That's not clouds, it's precipitation. And if you happen to know your weather maps, you will know that white generally indicates colder, powdery precipitation. IE: Snow. During the months of November to March, this is a regular Minnesota occurence. In those months, a "WINTER" weather advisory is understandable. But in the spring???

Actually, I'm laughing here. Didn't I tell you global warming is a myth? :)

Mitch just came in and asked, "are you glad we got some snow finally?" Me: grunt. He said, "We haven't had a white summer for a while!" Ok, you got me. I really did laugh!

Just to make sure you get the picture. This IS April 26th. Sorry my camera is not working great. I need to tinker with it. That and I was obviously taking the picture through the window. I'm not going outside today until I have to.

Minnesota is crazy. They say if you don't like the weather, hang around and it's likely to change. No kidding. On Wednesday it was sunny and in the 70s. My house naturally heated up to 76 all on its own. On Thursday it was foggy and rainy, but still a comfortable 60. Then yesterday it was cooooold and rainy. And now this morning lots of white stuff. It's still falling, too.

Ok. In other news, I'm as busy as ever. Thursday was a very special day. Mitch took the day off and we loaded up the kids and went to the cities. I dropped them off at the Mall of America, where my awesome hubby spent the next 7 hours with the eldest 5 of our children. I then drove with Malachi into downtown Minneapolis (me--driving our big suburban--downtown alone--imagine!) to meet a stranger that I had only "met" online a week before. Her name is Ruth and she owns Snap-EZ diapers. She brought me some microfleece. Of course, she didn't fly all the way to Minneapolis to bring me some microfleece. I'm just not that special. :) Her son is competing in a national Bible quiz competition. We planned an afternoon of fabric store shopping. What happened is I got to spend 5 hours picking her brain. She was wonderful to share with me many business advice and tips. I can clearly see now what the next step is that I need to take with Pampered Cheeks. I'm thrilled! We each had fun buying some fabric too. Oh, did I mention that Ruth and I are like-minded? That made the day even that much better. Yes, I said she was a stranger, and it is very dangerous to meet someone that you have only known online in real life. I did feel prompting of the Holy Spirit on this one, and it is clear that He was speaking to me as He really orchestrated the whole day. Things just fell into place that otherwise would not have been able to happen. It was a pretty near perfect day.

I didn't mention that the night before we went to the cities Malachi slept all night and didn't get up until 8 am. That right there was enough to make the day perfect! Malachi is doing much better now than he was as an infant, there's no question about that. He still is very strong-spirited. He's also sweet and cute. He is starting to talk, saying lots of different sounds and consonants, plus copying tone and inflection from the other kids. The other day he was holding a controller that had a cord attached. He had it by the cord and was swinging it back and forth. He hit himself in the head, dropped the controller, looked at it for a bit, then said, "NO!" And smacked it. :) Yesterday he was standing in the middle of the room hanging onto Micah's hand with one hand. He let go and Micah walked away. Malachi just stood there, all proud of himself, then took a step and sat down. He yelled as we cheered, smiling all the time. He knows he's a big boy!

Today Caleb and Zeke and I don't know who else are going with Mitch to an all-day basketball camp nearby. They are soooo excited. I'm planning a sewing day (of course) plus a bit more. Our church is hosting a concert tonight. Today I get to go and serve lunch to the two bands that are playing: Down Here is opening and Shawn McDonald is the main event. I'm SO excited! I love the band Down Here. Of course, I'm going to the concert tonight, too.

Ok, that's about enough yapping from me. I have a full day after a full week, and I'm already behind!


  1. OOOOHHH you are SOOOO lucky to have so much snow!!! BTW, just to let you know, the honeysuckles have bloomed here. Just a preview of what is to come for you all eventually!! Maybe you will get to have an extended summer since winter is so long. I am glad I am not up there!! I'm hoping that the snow doesn't last until June for you all!! (: Well, take care, I'm praying that you get some sunshine soon! Love and miss you all much!!

  2. WOW! What an awesome concert!

    That's about all I have to say... if you don't believe me, just check my blog :)

    Weren't they just some really great guys? And BTW, Mark said he's never really tried to yodel. LOL He figured if he applied himself he could figure it out. :P