Monday, May 05, 2008

Catching Up on Sleep

Yesterday we enjoyed a great day at our friend's house, just hanging out and playing yard games. Apparently I was a little behind on sleep...

This brings a whole new meaning to sun bathing...

The temperature was actually 71 degrees when we left at 5:30 pm. I just feel so bad nodding off on my friends like that. This is what lots of late nights sewing diapers will do to you!! I must have slept for over an hour. It was really windy outside, otherwise I'm sure I would have at least taken my jacket off.

Ok, here's one more just so you know I didn't sleep the entire time. I enjoyed a game of Kuub with Mitch, Mark, and John. I also ran around the field with a kite, finally getting it up after modifying its construction.

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