Friday, May 09, 2008

Just checking in...

Not much new going on here!

Yesterday Malachi crawled into the bathroom and managed to get his hands on a bottle of baby wash, spilling a good deal of it on the floor. The same bottle of baby wash I asked Micah about 30 min before to put out of reach. Yeah. That was a lot of fun to clean up! Hehe--Malachi finally got a bath out of the deal, though. He really needed had been at least 2 weeks since his last bath. Oye!

See, I told you there wasn't much to report!

The kids are anxiously winding down their last lessons of school. Today they are on lesson number 152 of 170. We still need to order and administer their standardized tests. Mitch will take care of that responsibility, since he's the one with the degree and actual teaching license. Of course, finding the free time to do it will be the biggest challenge. Hopefully the test results won't be terribly inaccurate if he has to wait until June to give them. Since the results will be compared to the kids' peers, most of their peers took the tests in the middle of the school year--technically our kids have an advantage being farther into the school year.

During the summer I hope to pick back up on the Bible curriculum. We sort of let that slip here through recent months. When we start back up in the fall I'm going to be much more disciplined! We are also going to study Spanish together this summer. I have a fun workbook to work through with them, and a c.d. series full of games. I think they will pick up the basic words very easily. This will give us something fun to focus on each day and hopefully scare away summer boredom. I have agreed to let Eden work ahead on 4th grade history if she wants to (history is her favorite subject), and will be happy to let Micah work ahead on something if he chooses also. Caleb has been asking if he can just skip the rest of his phonics and do it this summer. To which I emphatically replied, "No."

They are such little manipulators!! :)

I want to start preschool with Zeke this fall, with a heavy emphasis on reading. That should go really well. He is very interested. He will turn 5 in October. I'm sure that being a boy means he would not have the patience to sit still in a classroom, but his brain is showing readiness for learning. It will be good to work on that at home.

Josh is being a curly-head cutie. He has grown leaps and bounds in his vocabulary and communication. He mainly copies the older kids in words and actions. He doesn't always understand well what we are saying to him. We make lots of jokes about this! The other day Mitch gave each of the kids and Airheads candy. He asked Josh, "Where is your airhead, Josh?" Josh replied cheerfully as he patted his head, "Right here, Daddy!" :)

Malachi is loving the warmer weather and playing outside. The first time he crawled out on the deck he leaned up on his knees, threw his head back, arms to the sky and just sat there with this expression that said, "Wow!" It was priceless. And I was seconds too late with my camera. He now makes a bee-line for the deck door anytime it is open. He is really balancing well on his feet. He will crawl along and then just stand up right in the middle of the room. He's not really taking any steps on his own, though, just standing up. He walks with help or along behind a toddler walker thing. He clearly thinks the whole thing is a lot of fun. He's working hard on his fine-motor skills too. The other day he had a pencil and an empty pepsi bottle (wonder where he found that?!). He kept putting the pencil into the narrow opening of the bottle, then dumping it out over and over again. I was pretty impressed. We have a magnet from Leap Frog on the fridge that has an alphabet with it. It sings the alphabet, too. He loves to "sing" the alphabet along with this thing. Very cute. "Ah Ah Ah Ah..." over and over through the whole song.

Speaking of the alphabet toy, Zeke and Josh love to sing along too. Zeke knows almost 100% of the letters, and Josh knows better than 50%. It's really cool!

Now that I think about it, Malachi is really vocal too. He always has been a crier ("Mala-cry"), and now that he's older he's just very loud in normal speech too. He loves to crawl along behind Mitch going, "Da da da." He "yells" at the older kids, me, everyone. He jabbers on in nonsensical language about just about everything he's doing. Every now and then we think we hear actual words. It's pretty fun.

That's about it for now. I should go find some lunch then actually go do some work (there's plenty of that to go around)! Thanks for stopping by to check on us! :)

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  1. You have such a wonderful family (I love all of the curlies)! God bless you for taking the courageous steps to trust Him for everything in your life. You are an inspiration.