Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The newest "family member"

No, it's not another dog, thank goodness. It's not anything that breathes, requires food and potty breaks, for that matter.

My darling hubby squeaked up a rare find to surprise me for Mother's Day. For the past year I have been using his mom's Bernina Record 830 sewing machine. It is a fantastic machine that rarely complains about anything and can sew at a quick and efficient enough pace to suit even me. On December 31, 2007, I meandered into my favorite sewing & vac center and bought a Baby Lock Creative Pro sewing machine. After the first week, my disappointment settled deeply, and I gradually pushed the machine away and kept sewing on Karen's machine.

Why didn't I just get a machine like Karen's to begin with? Well, first of all, they were made way back when I was born. So they're like, 29 years old. Maybe even a little older than I. :) Secondly, after needling and prodding we finally discovered they originally sold for around $600. Well, they STILL sell for that much on ebay if you are lucky enough to find one in good condition. And you never know what you're going to get on ebay (my sister is lucky enough, but I'm not always so fortunate at buying).

I did buy a Bernina 930 at the same time as the Baby Lock, but I never intended to keep it. I pulled it out and sewed on it for a little bit, but it was a totally different machine. :P We paid $450 or so for it and sold it on ebay for over $900. :) That was the plan from the beginning, and was a researched investment.

That sort of made my Baby Lock machine free.

Even if it is not up to par.

Well, my knight in shining armor realized recently that my machine just wasn't cutting it (perhaps the inch of dust on top was his first clue, and the constant sewing on his mom's machine the second clue). He began searching for a new machine. He had me ask all my friends what they use. He perused ebay to find the right machine. Then totally to my surprise he came home one day carrying a cabinet custom made for a Bernina 830. He showed me all the cool features, and I loved it, but all the time I had this nasty thought in the back of my mind, "That's great for Karen." LOL. He went out to the truck and came back carrying a beautiful red case. Out came a perfect condition Bernina 830.

You see, in his travels as a Fedex guy he has made many friends. Including friends with many sewing machine dealers. :)

Together with the cabinet the machine cost $600. And no, I'm not going to sell it on ebay. It is beautiful, sews beautifully, and is fantastic in every way. My only complaint is I actually had to clean my sewing room and rearrange drastically to fit it in. Karen's machine is now going off to the shop for a well-deserved cleaning and tune-up!
Here it is:

Here is some of the fabric "mess" I have going on. Since I rearranged everything, I can't find anything now...hence all the neon name tags. :)

For the record, I have also been paying myself a per diaper wage since April 30. That amount has reached $722!! I'm blown away ecstatic. Aren't you? :)


  1. Congrats on your new sewing machine! I am now on the hunt for a good serger sewing machine.
    My mom also got a Baby Loch and does not like it.:(

  2. Thank you! I do have a baby lock imagine wave serger and I LOVE it. It's definitely my baby. :) That's part of the reason why I thought I would love the sewing machine, but it wasn't so.

    The baby lock imagine has automatic thread tension, and that is a feature that has been a life saver for me!

  3. Having used Steph's machine, I'd recommend the Imagine Wave as well...

    And Steph, if you ever decide you just can't stand that Bernina, I have a spot for it. ROTFOL!

    As for your "paycheck", that's pretty darn good for about 3 weeks of work!