Saturday, June 28, 2008

Back from Camp! and other random mumblings...

Caleb had a terrific time at camp. He seemed pretty concerned if we missed him or not (we technically only didn't get to see him ONE day), but didn't seem to have missed us much. In fact, after returning home he lamented that he missed being at camp (oh boy...something else to dream about for the next 12 months).

Here's a pic of Micah and Eden on their way to camp, too, for good measure.

Micah has some kind of unexplained earache. Yesterday he had a sore throat, but no other symptoms, so I held him off. Today he went to his Papa's house to spend the night. A little after 9, Paul called to say Micah had an earache and was crying. He ended up bringing him home. I guess if it's bad enough to leave Papa's house, then he's probably not bluffing. :( I gave him some tylenol and put some homeopathic ear drops in his ears. He hasn't had a runny nose nor a fever. He also hasn't had a bath nor been swimming (yeah...on the bath...I know...). After about 10 more min of crying...sobbing...Mitch relented and took him to the E.R. He called after being there for almost 2 hours and still hadn't seen the doctor yet. Ugh. I guess Micah wasn't crying loud enough in the ER. =P

I'll keep you posted!

OH--*if* you are curious and want to see what all the hyena cart stuff is about, I stocked my store again and it will go "live" on Monday. Go over there and watch what happens about 12:00 EST. :)

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