Sunday, June 08, 2008

Boy Sense

Oh, one more crazy thing. Using sitemeter, I can also see (sometimes) how people come to my blog. Especially if they use a search engine to get here. Besides searching directly for steph's sound off or pampered cheeks, can you guess what the number one way people find their way to my blog is? By searching for "boy sense". Don't believe me? Go to google, type in boy sense, and see what is #1 at the top of the list!

What do you think those people are trying to find???

Well, seeing as we have a lot of boys around here, I could try to expound on the topic of boy sense. Boys seem to have a varying amount of sense. Sometimes they have a lot of sense. Sometimes they make no sense at all. They think so differently than girls (!!!).

But my original post was on having "good country boy sense". And in that case, what I really meant was, "common sense", which country boys tend to have a lot of. After all, out on the farm, you need just as much (or more) common sense to manage as you do formal education. And I think I would have a little authority to speak on that topic too. Even though I'm not a boy, I was raised on the farm. ;) [It ends up that I have a lot more formal education than I have common sense, therefore I now live in a small city and can't even manage a potted plant, much less a garden!]

For a while there I thought I was missing some new book or idea or psychology thing on the topic of boy sense. But it makes no sense that when I google the topic I fare no better than the people who end up here. So, feel free to enlighten me!


  1. I have to use Google to get to you all until I get my computer set up again. Which, I finally pulled it out of the box yesterday- to Dago's dismay. He rolled his eyes and asked if I was going to put it back soon. When I get tired of tripping over it on my side of the room I suppose. Brandon was excited, as he got to play on it some. Dago said it was good to see us playing together instead of fighting for a change~HA!HA! I was just glad that nothing was broken in all of the moving. Tomorrow is my first day at work, wish me luck!! As hot as it is here I'll need it!!! Love and miss you all much!! Hugs and kisses to all!

  2. LOL...yes, I don't want to freak you out or anything, but when I see "Chesapeake, VA" pop up on my visitors list, I can almost guess it is you. To even further narrow it down, sitemeter will even tell me the IP address is registered to the City of Chesapeake Library. Cool, huh? I can also see you were on for 1 min 58 sec (did you read everything??? both new posts???), and of course that google referred you when you typed in the inquiry steph sound off. :)

    Everyone, Carrie is my sister, so no worries. She already knew I was a big nerd. :) And not every visit to my site lends me so many details as the public library ip did. A lot of times the details are filled in as "unknown". So you're quite safe. :)

    As if I have time to do data mining...