Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Happy Birthday Malachi!

Yesterday was Malachi's 1st birthday! I thought long and hard about many things I wanted to say when I blogged about the event. I considered posting a video montage of pictures from birth to 12 months. I considered uploading a video of him while we sang Happy Birthday. I considered telling you about my relief that he is finally a year old (and describing in detail just how hard the first year was). I also considered bragging about what a smart little boy he is and all the cool milestones he's reaching, and how adorable those little whips of curls on his head are. I think for now (at least) I will settle for describing how he received the news that he is now a toddler.

Well, it was fun at first. He was all smiles during the singing of Happy Birthday. (You can click on the pictures to see the full-sized version.)

The candle mesmerized him. He reached out and touched the cake and got frosting on his fingers.

He did not react like a "normal" child by putting this to his mouth.

No, he looked at it in disgust and tried to get it off (Micah helped).

We handed him a piece on a plate, and he was appalled.

He eventually successfully dumped the piece off the plate and threw the plate back at us (attitude!).

He proceeded to get messier and increase his distress.

I particularly like the piece of cake suspended in mid air.

We finally relieved him and cleaned him up and got him down. He wouldn't eat any of it! He was more stubborn than Micah was on his first birthday. :) Although, Micah was being a little stubborn tonight too. Must be a genetic thing.

Oh, and here's a pic of me and Mitch that we always try to take with the kids on their birthday. I got a new haircut, but it's really nappy and unwashed here. I was going to blog about the wonderful experience I had (it had been almost a year since I'd cut it), but another time...

I also need to blog about a special store stocking I did at Pampered Cheeks yesterday and how incredibly fun it was, but I'll come back and do that another time too. I'm just so short on time!


  1. Happy Birthday Malachi!! The pictures are so cute! It is amazing to see how every kiddo has a different personality! It sure does keep life interesting that way! Your hair cut looks cute too!

  2. LOL You should see the pictures of my brother and I when we had our birthday each year. We always got to dive in to the edge of the cake face first... I'll have to dig a couple of those out and show MJ what it's all about. :P

    Oh, and tell Micah I especially like the picture of him. Very nice. *rolling eyes*

    Now, to find the energy to update MY blog!

  3. I cannot believe he is one already. I was just there!! He wasn't even crawling around yet!! Where does the time go? I had forgotten that his birthday was before Micah's even. I kept thinking it was going to be Micah's birthday (#11) soon, and I kept thinking to the time when you brought him home for the first time for us to see. So much has passed us by. I'm crying here, so I'd better go. Good luck!!