Sunday, June 08, 2008


I didn't mean to leave you hanging for so long. I meant to come back and tell the rest of Monday's story. Most of this post is going to be directed towards my family and friends "back home" and other readers who aren't really a part of the whole cloth diapering scene or craze or whatever you want to call it.

First off--I've pretty much moved all my files over to Mitch's computer, and it is NOT easy to upload pics to picasa from his computer for some weird reason, so for now I don't have a slideshow of May's custom diapers. There aren't pictures of them all, but there were over 120 diapers and covers for May. Whoo Hoo!

When I first started making diapers, I sold mainly on ebay. After tracking my fees for a couple months, I knew I was sunk. Ebay and paypal just ate me alive. I wanted my own website, but worried about how I would make it without the traffic that ebay brings. After exploring my options, I decided on Hyena Cart. I wanted both a website, and a hyena cart (hosting for my store, basically). Hyena cart got it's name lovingly as a description of the people who shop there. What has happened is you get a popular cloth diaper, then everyone wants it--thus the demand exceeds the supply. When a mama is ready to "stock" her diapers in her store, the customers are there waiting, like a pack of hyenas, to immediately buy her out. Hyena cart has some cool features that allow the hyenas to continue to feed.

Monday was one of my first real "hyena" days after being on Hyena Cart for almost 2 years. Now, I'm not trying to say in any way that I'm big and popular like some other awesome diaper makers, but I sure did get a few minutes of fame. I mean, for about 20 minutes my store was listed at the top of the "Where are the hyenas?" list!! (top 10 list of which stores have the most customers). Here's how it went down:

At 10:30 am, Kristin and I and about 20-some other people were in my store...waiting. While my items were available to preview, they could not be bought until 11:00 am cst. I momentarily contemplated being funny and changing the start time to make them active already. Then I figured that wouldn't really be very funny after all.

At 11:00:14 am I hit refresh. Kristin managed to hit refresh at 12 seconds past the hour. Two diapers were already sold, and bidding had begun on the 4 auctions. Those two diapers had sold out in only THREE SECONDS. The auctions lasted all week (probably a little too long--24 or 48 hours would have been more appropriate--live and learn). I hoped I would get $20/each for those diapers. All of them sold for over $30! At one point in the first hour, there were 39 people in the store. Using my sitemeter I could see where in the world their isp's were. They were signed in from literally all over the U.S.--coast to coast--Canada, UK, and Germany. It was SO COOL!!!

Well, I need to go for now. Mitch and I set 228 snaps this evening and my fingers are a little numb/sore! It's going to be another very busy week. On top of it, Micah and Eden are going to Camp Lebanon tomorrow (Sunday)--yay for them! I'm so excited that they get to go again. They didn't go last year, and they really missed it. They will be gone for 5 days. Caleb gets to go too, later in June, for 3 days. :)

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  1. I just recently discovered Hyena Cart. Honestly, I don't get it. I didn't realize the whole stalking and stocking bit. That would explain why so many people have EMPTY stores, lol! And many of the stores I did check out, I couldn't believe the prices people are paying for POOP CATCHERS, over $100/ea! It's madness!
    In my recently preggers state, I am on the all-out hunt for the PERFECT cloth diaper. I have never in my life cloth diapered though so it will be a new experience. I checked out your site a while back ago though and will definitely be in contact once you are open to custom orders again!