Monday, June 30, 2008

A New Project

A few months ago I thought it would be "fun" to try my hand at tie-dye. Hmmm.... I ordered some Dharma dyes through a coop. Then I let them sit for a long time before finally convincing Mitch to help me.

Well, I learned a lot yesterday. First of all, our finished projects had a LOT more white on them than I expected. The dyes don't really bleed through, rather they stay where you put them. So I may go back and do more dying to fill in the white spaces. If not, it doesn't matter too much anyway. We used old t-shirts (some very old), and I used some fabric scraps to see how different fabrics responded. I did use one "good" piece of bamboo velour and some spare diaper cuts I have lying around. I'm not thrilled with the pink/purple one, so I'll most likely try to fix it. Also, now that we got the hard part of "getting our feet wet" out of the way, there are some other cool techniques that I want to try. So, it's not stunning, but it was great to try! We all have to start somewhere, right?? :)

Oh, one other thing I learned AFTER I disposed of the leftover dyes: Leftover dyes can be stored in the refrigerator for a couple weeks. Bummer, that would have made re-dying a lot easier!


  1. Well, the purple part of the pink/purple cut is cute... but the pink side needs some help ;)

    Nice job! I love the purple/blue swirl on the right side of the pic.


  2. Yeah, that pink really really needs some help. I think I'm going to add green to it. But maybe I just need to add pink first!!

    The swirl did turn out nice, but it's not my nicest piece of's just an unbleached knit.