Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Severe Weather and Kids at Camp

First off, we here in St. Cloud are quite safe. We've had minor thunderstorms all day and lots of rain, but nothing too severe.

Just looking at the news though, and seeing all the reports of storms across the state, my worry over my dear children off at camp deepened slightly. I can't wait for them to get home. I hope they have had a GREAT time in spite of the crummy weather. :)

But as far as I know, we are all quite safe. And no flooding here either. So don't let the storms worry ya.

Update: I just checked the camp blog and SAW A PICTURE OF MICAH!!! On Wednesday, in the last row of frames, he's in the 3rd frame. He's wearing a navy blue t-shirt and bright orange swim trunks (why is he wearing his swim trunks???) doing some kind of tug-of-war it looks like. Try this link to see the strip by itself.

Sigh. My momma heart will sleep better tonight!


  1. He's wearing swim trunks because he's a boy, at camp, and you can just hope that he maybe changed his underwear once all week...


  2. Maybe it's his stunt double...