Thursday, July 03, 2008

Sickness continues...

Boy, this has been one weird virus! And I say virus because I'm convinced that's what it is.

We had a slight issue with insurance (the computers for our carrier were down nationwide on Saturday), and couldn't fill Micah's prescription for amox. They gave me 3 pills to tide us over until the next day. I got home and looked at them--they were horse-sized pills. Ugh. He's never swallowed a pill. I called back, and they would have to talk to the ER doctor to change the prescrip. If he did change it, lets say to a liquid, they couldn't give me any until the computers were back up. By the time the computers were back up, Micah was not having any ear pain. Therefore I didn't really see any reason to treat him.

But here are the other symptoms we've had:

2 weeks ago Eden had pink eye.
Josh caught it and I took him in on Saturday (a totally different pharmacy just gave me the medicine, even though the computers were down and insurance couldn't be verified...big difference between small town and Walgreens, huh?)
After church on Sunday Josh began screaming and holding his ear. I kicked myself for not having his ears checked on Saturday when we were in. We took him home and gave him acetaminophen and some of those wonderful homeopathic ear drops.
Monday night Zeke spiked a fever that reached 102 under his arm. We gave him acetaminophen and took him to one of the cold lakes around here to swim. That did the trick. Josh still had ear pain that went away with treatment.
Tuesday Zeke had a low grade fever and sore throat. Josh's ears were better.
Wednesday Zeke's fever continued and his sore throat worsened. At night he had stomach cramps. I called the nurse hotline. She said NOT to give him any meds and to call the doctor in the morning. She said the meds would mask his symptoms. At bedtime I decided no one needed to see his symptoms and I needed to sleep. I gave him some tylenol and went to bed.
So today we took Zeke in, he still had a very low-grade fever and a sore throat (though getting better). Tummy ache was gone. He had swollen lymph nodes. He tested negative for strep. He's definitely feeling better. Also today Micah, Eden, and Caleb got to go swimming at a friend's house (maybe the worst offense this virus had on Zeke was that he had to stay home to go to the doctor). They came home so tired that Micah and Caleb fell asleep before supper time!
Mitch and I are both having neck pain and seeing a chiropractor after we were rear-ended two weeks accident we haven't reported yet...oye. It was so minor (our car's bumper was already cracked, and this really didn't do any new damage), but I am SO stiff now. Crazy.

Oh, I got to go to Virginia Beach today too. Just kidding. My sister went there and called me while she got her feet wet in the surf of the tide coming in. :)

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  1. HA! HA! I got more than my feet wet with that wave!!! Dago wanted to know why I just didn't jump on in. The water is still cold here. It is only up to 72 degrees I saw on the news this morning. I guess when it hits 100 air temp that sure feels good. The Dismal Swamp smoke is what is really bad though here. Makes it hard to breathe. Hope everyone gets well soon!! Still trying to get Micah's letter in the mail. Sorry!!