Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What we've been up to...

Hey there! We've been pretty busy. Mitch's mom and step-dad are here, so everyone is enjoying visiting. I have been making an insane amount of diapers, just as I promised, so I'm staying totally busy. In fact, I told Mitch he should take today off if he could because I certainly "have it covered". :) So he did. Yay!

Micah's birthday was last Friday--Happy Birthday, Micah! We celebrated way back on the 4th, like we usually do, but we also celebrated with Karen and Marc here. We got Micah a new bike. Eden got one too (she didn't get a birthday present back in March, so it was all "fair", lol). Both are big bikes. Eden can't even touch the ground. But they both climb up on them, and as funny as E looks, they are loving riding and enjoying their freedom. As long as they ride with a buddy, we let them ride a circle around our neighborhood bike paths. It's so hard in this day and age to release them and allow that freedom. Isn't it crazy how fear grips you as a parent, especially after reading the news? :)

We went to the Como Zoo in St. Paul last Friday. It was SO hot. The kids seemed to enjoy it. I don't like the zoo much (sad-looking animals--and I am not a conservationist), but I loved the park. We had packed a picnic lunch, and not long after we had cleaned up and started looking at exhibits, Eden announced, "I lost my retainer!" Oh boy. Did that ruin things, or what! So I'm feeling pretty down about that. We are going to the dentist this a.m. to get the bad news. Well, maybe it will be good, but I expect it to be bad. We were fortunate to have our insurance cover the first retainer, I don't have any hope that they will cover a replacement. :(

Our church has been holding VBS this week. I haven't ever volunteered to help--always citing I am too busy--but it sure does look like fun. I'm sure at a different point in life I will change my tune. After all the errand-running, carting kids back and forth, etc, I figure I might as well be working there! The staff puts together an incredible VBS, and I should have a lot to compare it to. They do put a lot of hard work and energy into it. It's something to learn from! :) My kids will be singing the songs and talking about it for the next year (and they even have a c.d. to sing along to).

Well, it's time to scoot off to the dentist. I just wanted you to know what we're up to!

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