Wednesday, August 06, 2008

24 Hours Later...

We are still celebrating and happy to have Mitch home! Yay!! He had a good trip home and has been hit hard with jet lag. I haven't heard too much complaining from him, though. We've kept him really busy. He woke up early (hey--maybe jetlag is a good thing!) and we started working on cleaning/organizing. Later this afternoon I ran errands and Mitch (and Malachi) napped while the older kids undid our cleaning/organizing. I rushed home and we had 20 min to put away groceries and reclean/reorganize before our first daycare interview. Now we're all ready to crash!! Tomorrow it will be back to business for all of us--I will have plenty of bookkeeping to do, and sewing diapers, and Mitch goes back to work tomorrow evening at the group home.

Sigh. Routine is good. :)

Mitch brought many gifts back from Ukraine. Lots of gifts from the church there. Lots of candy. :) The kids love that. It is so neat to be able to get a "taste" of Ukraine without the long travel. The trip was a huge blessing for Mitch and has impacted all of our lives! He said he would have gladly stayed to minister more. Caleb, our little dreamer, says that he wants to be a preacher and go to Ukraine. :)

Goodnight all!

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  1. Is that before or after he marries my daughter?