Monday, August 04, 2008

Coming Home!

I apologize for not updating yesterday. It's been a little busy here. :)

I woke up yesterday morning to have a new email with pictures from Mitch. I actually caught him while he was online and we "chatted" via gmail for a few minutes. That was kind of fun. Here is the latest news:

I am trying to catch you again see if you read before church. I spoke about good works. Their place in the Christian life. Not gain salvation, but result because of salvation. After, Oksana said this message is greatly needed in Ukranian churches. Josh gave testimony and we all sang some songs in english. We had communion with Horol church. Perfect picture of Heaven. They changed to grape juice to not offend Americans. Break real bread and drink from one cup. Different and good to share with Christians from other traditions. Church extremely gracious and lavished us gifts and kept telling God bless you.

I am trying to send you some pics from service. Hopefully to get to Calvary on time.

Schedule for today volleyball, supper, pack, cry. Tomorrow morning we leave. Still no word on when or who come get us. Pray that we will be taken to Kiev. Tour tomorrow around noon. Staying at Hotel Rus.

Here is an excerpt from our chat:

Mitch: tell story to church for me
we go to nearby village
Mitch: for outreach, it is where last pastor now lives.
7:52 AM me: cool!
Mitch: on way back
we stop to get pic, huge rainbow over all land
and theme is rainbow, and God keeping promise
we get huge group foto
not on camera, sorry
me: that's ok
7:53 AM it's on someone else's camera right?
Mitch: yes, multiple
we will have 1000 plus pics
lots of sorting, cool videos also

Their first flight leaves at 11:45 am their time, which is 3:45 am our time in Minnesota. They will arrive in Amersterdam at 1:50 pm/6:50 am cst. They leave Amsterdam at 3:30 pm/8:30 am and should arrive in Minneapolis at 5:25 pm. Please pray for safe travel and for them to be on time with all the luggage!


We're all excited for Mitch to be home. We have a busy month of August planned. Next week we are hosting a Bible club at our house for our neighborhood. A team of youth from the cities is going to come up and lead the club. Please pray for the families in our neighborhood and for a good event. It will be great to plant seeds and spend time getting to know our neighbors better.

New changes on the horizon job wise--we are starting daycare again. This time Mitch will be in charge. :) He is thrilled to be starting his own business. We started an ad in the paper on Sunday--carefully coordinated so that we didn't wait too long but didn't want people to have to wait until he came back from Ukraine. So far I've received 4 phone calls and set up interviews with 2 of them. Exciting! We have carefully budgeted and things should work out. Right now diapers are actually contributing more than I had budgeted. So that's really good. Mitch is working in a group home part time, and he will pick up more hours in August. He has really bonded with the boys in his home and enjoys the job. This has been a very good environment for him to work in. He gets along well with his coworkers, too. They all LOVE his cooking (imagine that)! He stopped working at Fedex at the end of May. He has been working as the lead counselor at a day camp near here. He has worked there in the summers before. I have been amazed at his energy level this summer. He takes the kids 2 days per week to the YMCA. I struggled to take 6 by myself a couple times. Can you imagine taking 30? Crazy! That's more energy than I have. Well...ok...he does have some other counselors with him...but that's still more than my 6. And he takes them swimming. And he takes the city bus. So all that to coordinate just blows my mind!

I had a really, really fun stocking in my store today. I hit an all-time high of 70 shoppers online at one time. 70 people sitting there trying to buy the same diapers (or just sitting there gawking). It blows my mind. Obviously I don't have enough diapers for all of them. Right now I'm still warming up to the idea of hiring someone. I have not made any firm plans to look for anyone yet. I am also doing some restructuring and organizing at the foundational level of my business--things like streamlining how I take orders and organizing my website. My hard work is paying off. :) My sewing room could use a little organizing too. I am ordering fabric in larger quantities these days. Gone are the days of buying only 3/4 yard of a print and 5 yards of the best absorbent fabric. Now I buy 4 yards of cute prints and 20 yards of the absorbent stuff. Whew! It's getting a little crowded in there. :) Anyways--this stocking today--everything sold out within 3 seconds. I was a little mean. I put some stuff in at 12:00, then I had diapers end at 2 min intervals (ie: 12:05, 12:07, so on). It was fun because I could watch each one sell out. And they did. Tonight I sat packing up the orders and taping them shut and taping on the shipping labels. It felt a lot like wrapping Christmas presents. :) I know the lucky mamas are going to feel the same getting them in the mail. It's so FUN!!

I'm too tired to stay up and do any more work tonight. I'll make another go of it tomorrow!

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