Friday, August 29, 2008

Creative Writing

Eden found this note in her room. Without question, it is Micah's handwriting. I can't read it without cracking up. Even Mitch laughed out loud. I thought you might enjoy the 11-year-old's attempt at humor. Obviously we need to work on some spelling issues. Not so good for a 5th grader I think. ;)


  1. Being a sibling is the best! Micah's note reminds me of how I had my little sis completely convinced that she wasn't really mom and dad's daughter, but we had found her abandoned in a McDonald's so we brought her home. She must not have been very bright then considering that the two of us look SO MUCH alike. Hopefully Eden didn't buy into his African tales. :)

  2. That is TOO cute! LOL!


  3. Oh man, that's so funny! My brother use to always do stuff like this to me- usually worse though!

  4. Well, that was good for a laugh! :) I was kind of surprised I hadn't heard about it 'til now, but then again, life has been "interesting" lately, hasn't it?!