Friday, August 08, 2008

Fun Website HTML Stuff

I've been doing a little researching in my not-so-spare time. I'm learning a little java. Well, sort of. I just put some java script onto my blog. Now any time I want to put a Biblical reference, for example John 3:16-17, it will make a little link that you can hover your mouse over and *should* be able to see the full text. You can follow the link to to see the context and other searches. It's also in the ESV (English Standard Version), which is an excellent translation that our church is using.

Another java script that I'm learning to use is called highslide js. It's a very cool photo thumbnail viewer. It's really going to change my pampered cheeks website in a dramatic way. The only drawback is I have to learn a LOT more html, and I'll have to get really good at writing code out by hand (vs. point and click like I do with frontpage). Don't worry, this is a very good thing, though. I needed a good kick-in-the-pants to get it all cleaned up. The html code is a mess over there. Since I'm a real novice, you smart people out there are not permitted to laugh at my humble beginnings! How many of you can sew diapers AND make your own website, huh??? LOL. Actually I'm sure there are quite a few diaper makers who write their own code. And many more who are smart enough to hire someone else to do it! :)

Oh my, was that a boring post? Well, I did have to brag about the cool java script that now powers the Bible references on my blog. Because it is really neat. And it will save me a lot of time typing them out. It's retroactive, too, so you can scroll down and see more if you're a nut like I am. :) And all I had to do was copy a little paragraph of code and insert it in the *right* place on my blog template code. So it's a little technical, but not just makes me look smart. :)

No comments about that last sentence. LOL.

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  1. Very cool!

    And I'll refrain from commenting about the *smart* thing. hehe =P