Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Looooong Week

Wow, it was definitely a very long week here! Last week we had our first daycare family confirmed, but they needed to start right away. So we spent the weekend divided between sewing and errand running. Mitch was already scheduled to work 61 hours between his two jobs this week, so that meant I would be doing daycare pretty much on my own. Which meant I got very little sewing time and even less computer time! So it's been a long week. :)

I am weary with daycare calls and interviews. This is not so easy the second time around! We only have 2 full time kids right now, and when school starts it will be down to 1. I am praying we get a few more good families! Otherwise Mitch is considering being a substitute teacher for now, and he may try to get more hours at the group home. So we'll see. I have BIG plans of sewing as much as possible, and seeing where that gets us. There has probably never been a better time for Pampered Cheeks to take off. I might have to get serious about hiring someone!!

One thing is for sure, with Mitch around we are all being put into shape. LOL. My house never looked so good! I'm so surprised at how he has changed. When he is home he keeps us from being so lazy.

On Thursday Mitch was supposed to work, but he managed to get the morning off. I was SO relieved (I was out of Pepsi--and him being home meant I could get a grocery store run in). I told him HE could watch kids and I would mow the lawn. And I did it too. Got the blister on my thumb to prove it. Yeah, we have a very small lawn and I'm a pretty wimpy girl. But wow, it was so nice to be away from kids for a while.

The kids are excited about school. Sort of. They're not sure they're going to like their teacher so much this year. I am not ready for school to begin. I want to set up our office space to be the school room this year, and right now it's still full of junk. I have been emptying boxes but some of that stuff is Mitch's and I just don't know what to do with it. Some of that stuff is Mitch's from his years as a teacher, which means there is enough of it there for an entire classroom. I know we have a large family and lots of kids, but we don't have *that* many kids! [Yet....hehehe...snicker]. I hope to start school the Tuesday after Labor Day. I wanted to start this week, but I can't get the school year off to a good start AND do daycare while Mitch is still working his other jobs this week. Starting in September he'll be home. Pray for us!

We continue to seek God and watch for doors that He may be opening. We know that His plan for us may look different than our own plans. I have seen Mitch time and time again sacrifice his own dreams to make sure he is able to provide for his family. I know that owning his own business is a dream he has, but I also know that he is willing to lay aside that dream if it's just not working out financially! I can't explain how much he has learned and grown and matured over the past year not being at St. Cloud Christian School. He misses his time there a lot right now, and regrets that he didn't use the last couple years at the school with a much better attitude. Sometimes you don't know what you've got till it's gone, right? ;) He also says this has been a great experience for him in just that--he appreciates his former job MUCH more now. I don't know if there will ever be a job for him there again, but I do know that he has been snatched from a desperate place (depression) that he used to be before. He's not perfect yet, but he is greatly improved!

It wasn't much of a post, but hey, that's better than a political rant, right? Cause I can rustle me up one of those too. Especially after listening to Obama and McCain at Rick Warren's church in Saddleback last weekend. Yeah. I groaned very loudly and left the room before Mitch accused me of yelling at him. This video right here was the one that tipped me over the edge. I can't explain the anger I feel when listening to Obama speak about abortion. He is an idiot!!!!!!!

Sorry. I couldn't resist! I need to go think about pink diapers or something beautiful for a while to calm myself down again.

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  1. Pink diapers?? For me?? LOL

    So glad you survived the first week of daycare -- and even with Mitch working! Maybe I'll get a job too...